Possibility to integrate Whatsapp and camera support into Chatty's XMPP functionality?

Videocall XMPP (yes, I see it’s for iOS):

Whatsapp Inegration:

My SO will most likely not want to switch to another platform, so I think this is a good option for those with family and friends who can’t/don’t want to switch…

That’d be very good, but you’d need to have a xmmp server up and running.
There’s another option which allows you to use WhatsApp web with pidgin/libpurple so you wouldn’t need to have a server: https://github.com/hoehermann/purple-gowhatsapp
I tried that on pidgin and it works pretty well.
I don’t know, though, if it would be easy to port to chatty… Probably not 🤷

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I’ll just use the L5 with my business phone SIM…