Potential ship date of 13" i7?

Having just discovered Librem, I’m deciding whether to buy current 13" i5 or wait for i7.

Might there be any updates on approximate potential shipping date of 13" i7?

Are there any other differences besides those here? (listed from forum, link below)

“_The difference between the i5 (6200U) and the i7 (6500U) are: _
_- 2.8 GHz vs 3.1 GHz CPU max frequency _
_- 3MB vs 4MB cache _
_- 1.00 GHz vs 1.05 GHz graphics max frequency _
The rest of the specifications are strictly identical.https://forums.puri.sm/t/librem-13-cpu-changed-from-i7-to-i5/1000/12

1 Librem 13 CPU changed from i7 to i5?!

As a non-technical newbie, am considering 2nd drive for option to dual boot Qubes or TAILS, so would 256GB suffice or would 500GB be wiser choice for the 2nd storage drive?

Many thanks for suggestions,

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September is more likely the date, I’ll check if there are any news about this. EDIT: Mid-September.

Yes, the i7 costs more. You can really check this yourself: https://ark.intel.com/compare/88193,88194

That depends entirely on your usage pattern/needs. Do you plan to keep a lot of data (music, movies), install a lot of software?

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