Price of phone is so high :(

Still Five Eyes though. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, very true. I’m just saying many here have other worries :slight_smile:


my computer/smart-phone is WAY better than me at following orders on my “behalf” :wink:


How do you know? Have you tried any of them?

Tried the 2g and blackberry but not the pinephone or librem yet but the hardware seems too weak for software to make it fast enough for what I think of as the modern day phone speed.

Right so you have no idea. Cool :upside_down_face:


My feelings are at critical hurt hurt now :frowning: but fair enough. I’m just very sceptical of its performance.

Remember, prices are artificially low as it concern electronics. The reason is China. Not ironically, prices will return to real due to China. It’s our frame of reference which is skewed.

Moreover, markets in general are illusory. Just look at the commodities market. I’ve watched gold and notably silver be manipulated for YEARS. Meanwhile, here in modernity, we have supercomputers plugged into the exchanges, manipulating markets with AI/quasi-AI. You also have companies like Google, who boast they’re able to predict the future within 15 minutes of it happening. Human action it self can, and is most likely being manipulated too.

Is the Librem 5 expensive? Yes, I’d say so, as subjective as that is. Though, how much has it cost us, societally and otherwise, to do business with Google and Apple, etc.?


You guys and this forum is pretty cool. I am Linux stupid(lazy) but I have a friend who convinced me to switch to Linux. I use Mint 19.3 on my desktop and I love it. I just want to get free of Google and the data harvestors/trackers. I am poor but I would have paid more just to do that by itself. The desktop to mobile convergance thing I’ll get figured out with my Linux friend. Between him and you folks it will be my daily driver. I want this phone more than about anything else. I got a feeling it is going to be really cool!



I hope it will be cool too. Pretty sure everybody does except the men in suits inside google HQ.