Project help needed?


I’ve been working on a open source project for out of band communication and now I am looking to more contributors to project. Solution is implemented to various hw’s at the moment, reTerminal, pinephone and RPi 400 etc.

It’s very limited and tailor made, but requests I get - exceed what I am able to support as part time open source developer. If any one is interested and have experience about buildroot, linux kernel, cryptography and QT/QML - maybe you are able to help?

This is what solutions looks like in action:

There is also demand to have this solution running on Librem5 USA, where I am unable to help.

It may help to expand on

  • what the name of the project is (not crucial info but…)
  • what it can do for me / why I would want to use it
  • what you mean by “out of band communication”
  • where the source repository is (e.g. git location)
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Project name is ‘oobcomm’. Most of us are out of scope to use this, but there are groups of users who are very interested about this. Out-of-band is a term from CISA ransomware incident handling guide [1] where organizations should have out of band channel to handle responses. I am working to get public repositories visible and meanwhile you can check my wiki around this:


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