Proposal for a Librem 13v5/15v5

I would like to propose a few little features for the libre13 and 15, the shrink of the screen bezels, make the hardware kill switches ergonomical (look like they belong to the chasis ). will post more as i get time


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and idea! This helps us to further develop our products - and yes, we hear you :slight_smile:



a way to inspect the display panel id at the back of the display through the alloy chassis in order to compare to the EDID …

this will be a forte in reviews as well …

Some features I would like to see on the next version of the Librem 13/15:

  • USB-C charging. This is the main one. It’d be nice to consolidate chargers/connectors, and if the next version of laptops had USB-C charging, it’d be a no brainer purchase for me.
  • AMD APU. Maybe you could partner with AMD so they let you use coreboot instead of their PSP. I know it’s not entirely realistic, but hey, this is a wish list.
  • Ethernet port. Thinness is nice, but I’d rather have an ethernet port instead of a thinner laptop.
  • Keep the non-touchscreen. My laptop has a keyboard. I will use that to do everything. Keep up with not having a touchscreen.
  • Oreboot? It’s in a super-alpha stage, but might be worth testing out. Don’t know if there are any real benefits. Just’d be a cool detail.

That’s all I can think of. Some things may be bigger changes than I realize (like the USB-C charging and ethernet port) and others are really just pie-in-the-sky wishes (see AMD APU and Oreboot). That’s what I would want though.


one can’t use coreboot instead of the PSP. It’s required for memory init and other AP bringup functions. AMD Chromebooks with coreboot still use the PSP. And since there’s no way to disable it after boot, it’s not an option for us.

it doesn’t run on any x86-hardware since it’s 100% blob free.

we hear those requested a lot, and have taken it into account with the design for the next model(s). I’m not able to confirm specs though, just saying we hear you :slight_smile:

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Huh. Interesting. TIL.

Thanks for the info! Keep up the good work!

Some sort of indicator that numlock and/or capslock are on when trying to enter a password (either the decryption key or the user account one).

This is probably both better and easier done in software (better because the indicator can be right below the entry field).


On dell inspirion laptop caps indicator is right in caps key button > caps


any decent keyboard with enough space can implement this above the key space.

search for “ultimate hacking keyboard” …

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Actually in AMD’s new agesa update you can turn off PSP in bios. Of course some of the PSP still runs, same case with the Intel ME currently inside librem devices. I don’t think they would decline to work with you folks at so that you can get that working in coreboot. It would be really nice to have more threads for development. Especially because a “desktop replacement” is not accurate after the laptop lost 2 cores.

I have a real issue with the current cooling solution, mostly the fact that it get air from underneath. Would be nice to see a solution that would suck in air from the sides of the Chassis.

Have to second the usb c charging.

Really would like to have dual channel memory back on the librem 15, along with faster memory (3200 MT/s is validated by AMD), a removal of SATA ports in favor of M.2 Slots.


all that does is hide the PSP from the OS, it’s not really “off,” and not the same as what we’re doing with the ME on the Intel side. We have an open dialog with AMD and are certainly interested in using their products should the right conditions exist.

as mentioned previously, the next model Librems will be quad core at a minimum.


Ok sorry for the misunderstanding. Can we please get dual channel memory back tho?

Also IDK how much stock you guys have left for SSD devices, but they are getting much cheaper and it would be nice to see more reasonable prices, and larger sizes by default when that stock is depleted.

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dual channel memory is high on the wishlist, trust me. SSD inventory and pricing isn’t something I have control or visibility into. As with pretty much any computer you buy, it’s almost always significantly cheaper to buy the base RAM/SSD config and upgrade yourself


My Points:

  • A better battery at least 7 hours surfing
  • Caps indicator LED
  • Charging LED that you can see if you close your notebook!!!
  • Smaller device to long because of numpad!
  • fast hardware for 4k video playback so we can use that 4k Display!
  • Thunderbolt 3 Please for EGPU for real desktop replacement!
  • Better 2,4G wifi range
  • Remove Bugs in PureOS like if you change the language the system can freeze or full encryption problems because by default the system encrypt your swaplinux with luks…
  • Pure Browser not Gecko should be Blink ungoogled with: HTTPS Everywhere, Ublock, Privacy Badger, Cookie auto delete and Noscript default


  • Thin bezels
  • Design improvements like hardware switches looks or better build quality on the ports
  • A Pro Modell with a GPU but really possible because you can’t get a new video card with no firmware blobs… maybe purism can buy used old one :wink:
  • 4k display and for the librem 13 1080p with 100% AdobeRGB
  • power supply cable like the macbook one so the big case from powersupply is at the end

For more infos check me review of the Librem 15v4:


ThinkPad keyboard, smaller bezels, usb-c charging, adequate colour gamut and I would buy it at once.

I’m just gonna highlight all the requests

  • USB-C charging & Thunderbolt w/ egpu support
  • Ethernet port
  • Touchscreen as an option but not a default
  • Longer Battery life (i don’t mind if the device gets a little more thicc personally)
  • Capslock LED on the key itself
  • a smaller device without a numbpad
  • Hardware accelerated 4k decode
  • Better Wifi Card. Seeing lots of issues with this on the forum and having it myself
  • Pure OS isn’t really polished enough
  • more m.2 would me nice to have support for m.2 22110 size as well.
  • dual channel ram
  • better cooling solution / airflow locations
  • Color accuracy improvement
  • power indicator visible with a closed laptop

Can any one think of anymore?

I personally would prefer an FSF approved manjaro style distro with parablola as a base. Would have had more software support and would have been rolling release. Running parabola now, I like the package selection. Way more software than pure OS.


A release/shipping date

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At least 1 year. They just dropped a phone :joy: could only imagine if they bestowed upon us a new computer :pray: hopefully they get away from the public molds and make their own design at some point. The wedge design is pretty ugly, would be nice if it was symmetrical in 2 axes not just one.

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I remembered another improvement, shift the power led indicator to a place where one can see it even when the laptop is closed. Good people, i think Purism next big update to the laptop is, using ARM chips on laptops. as we can already see how Pine64 has already made an ARM laptop but Purism is going to bring an ARM high end laptop. For now we can forget about AMD.

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true, I when looked at the development and progress it got me thinking that they won’t be releasing any new laptop for sometime. The librem phone is keeping purism busy to the point where one can say that it’s going to be a long time till they release a new laptop. i thought to myself and said maybe they should do small incremental improvement for their laptops.

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