Protective cover for the Librem 5

Hi !
I ordered a case for my Librem 5 from fitBag. This has now arrived and some wanted to know whether it was good or not. I made another video and some photos :slight_smile: And yes, the case is great.


I used to use the BlackBerry “pouch” cases all the time (and the Snugg brand ones for iPhones), I prefer leather for these style cases but this looks nice - thanks for the video, havent checked out this brand before.

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Does the Librem fit well in your cases? Do you have any photos for us?

I apologize, I don’t have a Librem 5 but was just speaking about my past phone cases from other devices.

Looking at them though I don’t think I have any that would fit the thickness of the Librem 5.

for what its worth the cheap option i use is a sports sock

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Universal option

Personally, I would prefer something like this:

It is sized for a Galaxy A12, which is 164 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm. The Librem 5 is 153 x 75 x 15.5 mm. I do not expect it to fit. I wonder what kind of sales or order volume a manufacturer of this type of product requires to make a case like this. They make it cheap for mass market items. I wonder if they are willing to bump the price up to make it work with a smaller market.

Just careful, I put the L5 in a padded pouch, and as it can emit quite a bit of heat even while idle, it got quite warm in that pouch.


@spaetz The heat development is a good point … you have to be very careful at the moment. I think the sports sock can help with a breathable function @nickbrum

@matt2 For some time I dealt with the development of “things” in Asia. Given the amount of smartphones, that’s a financial risk - I wouldn’t want to do it now.


Yeah, I wonder if good cases will have to wait until the Librem 5 can be ordered from stock.

So… you put this in your purse? Doesn’t look like it fits in my shirt pocket. Can you litter me know where you keep it?

I mainly carry it in the inside pocket of my jacket, but on warmer days, we’ve even had days like that, in my jeans pocket. The phone is really big … :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll get around to freeing up the screen, ports, and buttons someday. :wink:
Note that they don’t specifically mention “Evergreen.”


I asked the seller if the sleeve is made for Evergreen:

I also added this to the list of L5 accessories. Hopefully someone will buy it and give us feedback on it.


It’s the same brand that @execrable bought (see top of thread), but this leather one is from the seller’s Amazon storefront.
(Poor little lambs…:sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:)


You can also add this one to the list


Cool. thanks for the pictures !!

How is the Librem 5 held/fixed in the case?


Besides the fitBag sleeves, there are also (on Amazon) a few screen protectors from Celicious that specifically mention Evergreen.

A few other accessories are listed on Amazon as well, but it’s unclear if they were actually designed for the Librem 5 or are just the result of some algorithm inserting “Librem 5” into the marketing info:"librem+5"&i=mobile&ref=nb_sb_noss

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There is this statement on the linked BigBen’s product page:
“Its ultra-resistant adhesive will keep your mobile safe.”

This brand on Amazon looks like it might be similar:

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Hey there,
any feedback about the fitbag sleeves regarding the librem 5 and it’s “natural” heat ?
I should receive my L5 this week and was about to order a leather sleeve but I’m wondering if it’s a good idea actually.