PSA: `landing` users, prepare for switch to crimson

PSA: If you’re an adventurous PureOS user who has enabled landing repository in order to receive untested updates early, brace yourself: in a few days landing is going to start tracking Debian bookworm (instead of bullseye it does currently) and targeting PureOS crimson (instead of current byzantium). It will still take some time to make crimson work, so to avoid unintended consequences, please disable the landing repo!

If you still want to be on the bleeding edge, consider enabling byzantium-updates-proposed instead.

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Thanks! Could further use of landing somehow work or will it probably result in a non-working software?
Asking because I’d like to try out very bleeding edge; Reflashing after trying it is no problem for me but I would not do it, if it won’t really work.

In a few days we’re going to sync all packages from Debian bookworm into landing, which will likely mean that many forked packages with become uninstallable or otherwise broken until we update them one by one. So yeah, even I am not going to keep it enabled on my phone until the dust settles :stuck_out_tongue:


The synchronization has now finished, which means that landing is now officially broken and attempts to upgrade from it are not going to end well :crazy_face:


Challenge accepted. :see_no_evil:

How much time Byzantium took from this stage to first stable release that got delivered?

Is an upgrade from Byzantium to Crimson something that should be working as of today? Thanks!

No. Crimson won’t be ready for a while still.

Dear Dos, for what I understood Crimson will improve our beloved L5 (honestly I can’t use it as daily driver yet, but I’m not in hurry!), hoping it’ll carrying a lot of fixings/speeding/… When it’s supposed to be released it?
Thank you

There is no release day yet. You can follow him or agx on Mastodon and/or follow the official Purism repositories on Gitlab. These are good indicators for when to expect new features, etc. to my mind.