PureOS Store app fit to screen

The app PureOS Store on start does not fit to the screen: the top right hamburger menu icon is only visible half of its square. After click on the Updates icon magically sometimes after some seconds the hamburger shifts left and than fits. Compare the left and the right screen:


Your Search icon changed. Did you click Search icon at the first place? Before Updates icon:

No. When you click the update icon, the search changes to reload.

UPDATE: I fetched the original screenshot files from the L5 again and measured the distance between the center point of all icons and compared them between the two screenshots: They are all adjusted to let the hamburger icon fit on the screen.


This is also a thing on mobian on the pinephone, probably a shared upstream bug

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I think the real bug is, that it does not fit to screen on startup of the app.


I “see” under repo.puri.sm/ that phoc package was recently released under round version number of 0.10. Congrats to all involved!

And, @linmob, what I can follow (as of today) and as based on your video: scale-to-fit sm.puri.Store on already changed to: scale-to-fit org.gnome.Software on (false or off will put Librem 5 screen scale back to the initial/current scale setup … we already know that, but anyway).

This happens with many applications.
Especially the settings.
I noticed that switching from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical often corrected the problem (but not always).

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