PureOS won't boot after upgrade, boots with recovery


Can you paste the cryptsetup error as well? I’ll look for it in the thread but it would be good to confirm.


Have you tried getting past the cryptsetup errors by modifying /etc/default/grub?


Is what works for me. You’ll have to run;

sudo update-grub



I do have that commented out line in my grub file: # GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y
i’ll have to follow up later with my exact cryptsetup err msg. (something like LUKS … cryptsetup failed. then a bunch of failed log ins, drops me to initramfs. at no point during the time the boot messages are scrolling can i submit a login)


submitting to support@puri.sm since forum not designed for support. Tried this couple weeks ago and haven’t heard back since 6/16. putting ATTN Jeremiah in content of email.


Just to be explicit: when you login using the 4.16.02 kernel, you have run sudo update-initramfs -u and it doesn’t fix anything?


I believe i did try that last week. I will try again.


Yes i ran sudo update-initramfs -u and it did not resolve this situation. For reference to this issue, from 2015! This is greek to me. so i’ll need help interpreting: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/164403/unlock-luks-encrypted-debian-root-with-key-file-on-boot-partition


You see this same error?
cryptsetup: WARNING: target sdaX_crypt uses a key file, skipped.


What is the error on your machine? Can you take a picture or write it down?