Purism Customer Support 7 weeks and counting?

Continuing the discussion from Librem 5 problems with phone call:

So I started the issue naïvely thinking it will be sorted in less than a week.
By the time I got any reply from Purism Support, I was away with work and did not have the L5 with me.
Upon returning, I made contact sometime mid-August(14 August )
Since then the average communication was one email a week. Usually on Friday night.
So a complaint being addressed with one email a week. 7 weeks. How can this be??
I hope someone from purism is reading this post and if you do please go and think carefully about how to improve your customer support.
I have supported Purism for a long time. But this kind of customer support is pretty much an insult.
This is no way to retain customers.

Sorry if you mentioned it somewhere in the forum already, but after you discovered that your replacement phone had the wrong modem for Europe, and you contacted Support, did they ask you to return the phone again, or send you the correct modem?

I contacted Support and they did not asked me to send the phone.
The asked me to perform various checks. over 7 weeks.
And they are still not sure…