Push notification API to a librem 5

Hi all, back when I used a iphone as my phone before the librem 5 , my go-to method of sending any kind of notification to my phone was prowl as you could define what app sent the notification and anything that could send a curl / email / cron etc could end up as a fast / free alert without employing sms. With all that said I am looking for a lightweight, and flexible way to get alerts on my librem5 that don’t have to use sms . I am wondering if anyone is doing anything similar that I have not stumbled across thought of…

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The Arch wiki has a whole page on sending notifications. The most accessible solution appears to be the notify-send program, which you can script.

Edit: The notify-send program may not be supported on the Librem 5’s architecture but I can’t check myself.

An example usage would look like:

$ notify-send "this is a summary" "and this is the body"

right I have used that… but it doesn’t quite lend to going across the web like say prowl or simular

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I think this may do what you want? https://ntfy.sh/
You may have to do a little scripting to bridge to the notify-send tool mentioned before.

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Thank you so much,
this looks hopeful… I installed the arm64 package on the phone…

purism@librem5:~$ /usr/bin/ntfy --help
ntfy - Simple pub-sub notification service

ntfy [OPTION…]

help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command
Client commands:
publish, pub, send, trigger Send message via a ntfy server
subscribe, sub Subscribe to one or more topics on a ntfy server
Server commands:
access Grant/revoke access to a topic, or show access
serve Run the ntfy server
user Manage/show users

–debug, -d enable debug logging (default: false) [$NTFY_DEBUG]
–help, -h show help (default: false)
–log-level value, --log_level value set log level (default: “INFO”) [$NTFY_LOG_LEVEL]
–no-log-dates, --no_log_dates disable the date/time prefix (default: false) [$NTFY_NO_LOG_DATES]
–trace enable tracing (very verbose, be careful) (default: false) [$NTFY_TRACE]

Try ‘ntfy COMMAND --help’ or https://ntfy.sh/docs/ for more information.

To report a bug, open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy/issues.
If you want to chat, simply join the Discord server (https://discord.gg/cT7ECsZj9w), or
the Matrix room (https://matrix.to/#/#ntfy:matrix.org).

ntfy 1.27.2 (69d6cdd), runtime go1.18.3, built at 2022-06-23T19:19:20Z
Copyright © 2022 Philipp C. Heckel, licensed under Apache License 2.0 & GPLv2


I guess maybe I can have the phone subscribe to a server… I will report back what I find… but thank you much for your input

so the weird part about this on the librem5 is it does not pop up a dialiag box via notify-send (like a normal workstation would) but if I make it play an alert via padsp and a sound file in addition to notify-send that will be the only way to know the moment libnoitify receives… it’s not a libnotify problem but a notify-send issue on the librem5 . Technically you can scroll up and see it but it’s not a great on screen alert LOL. anyone else use notify-send on the librem5 ? I wonder if it’s because of phosh.