No notification sounds from Geary?

I’ve noticed that, despite having activated the notifications for all apps (actually they were on by default), I don’t get sounds when an email comes in. The blue LED lights up but no sounds.
I get sounds when an SMS arrives, even if the sound has nothing to do with the “Alert Sound” set.
A negligible problem, but I would like to know whether it’s just mine.

I just tested. Mine also doesn’t produce a sound, only the LED.

Although this thread is old, I’m also having no audible alerts from several apps (Mail, Agenda/Calendar). Only incoming SMS messages produce a sound.

Is there a solution for this issue, or is it still work in progress?

I’m not aware of any solution.
Funny enough Chatty does notify incoming SMS, but not new Matrix messages

Maybe some L5 sound experts can help us out here :slightly_smiling_face:
Perhaps @dos can tell us more?

I was about to start a thread as well but I found this: going to try that

[EDIT1]: After reading a bit I think I’ll need to know app-id and that app needs to implement correct event names. For e.g. Fluffychat should have message-new-instant but not sure how to find app-id and then implemented event names

[EDIT2]: flatpak list provides app ids (I think) so following works:
purism@pureos:~$ gsettings get org.sigxcpu.feedbackd.application:/org/sigxcpu/feedbackd/application/im-fluffychat-Fluffychat/ profile

However still don’t know events provided by app

[EDIT3]: flatpak uses D-BUS for notification instead of feedbackd, there is interface between feedbackd and D-BUS but I think app developers need to implement it correctly. I’ll try to see if phosh apps can add notification. - this link is dead - this works but looks more like app development information than user info.

Can you edit /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Geary.desktop (assuming you use that for email) and add
Reboot just to be sure.
I don’t have any IMAP email to test.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work

A quick side note…
You might like this: Tutorial: List your Desktop/Home Screen Applications

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oh well we tried. I’ll try few more things as long as app itself doesn’t need update.

Thank you very much for this.
Do u know any way to get event name?

Adding X-GNOME_UsesNotifications=true adds app to Settings -> Notifications but nothing beyond that, doesn’t really make notifications useful

I don’t think notification sounds can be added to Geary without patching it.

No, sorry.

oh, do you know what is limitation? Is it app missing event names? Just trying to see if I understood this correctly.

Also is there way to add sound notifications to Flatpak apps, especially the ones which already provide LED notification? (Fluffychat provides LED but no sound)

no worries

I’ve loaded flat seal on my phone, there are a bunch of settings that seem to be adjustable but I have no clue which ones might allow notifications outside of the sandbox.

I’m using Evolution as calendar software. All the reminders raise a popup, but don’t play a sound.
Since the L5 OS behaves as a desktop PC I expect that I’m getting a popup window and/or a sound being played.

Clock alarms do alert both with a pop up and a sound.

I’m not using Geary (I use Claws) and Claws is not configured (by me) to alert for incoming messages, so I don’t know it works or not for Claws.

I can accept that not all software being developed for the L5 has this feature yet implemented,
but Evolution has been around for many years. In my expectation it should work.

So my main question is: Is the audio part of the alert system on the L5 following a special Pure OS implementation or is it following Debian/Linux?
If it is following Debian’s (or Linux) implementation: What do I need to do/try to get audible alerts from in my case Evolution (Calendar part)?

Also, it can be that Evolution has a problem raising such alerts but I’m not aware of that on my Wndws PC.

I’m trying to understand why some apps don’t get sound notifications. this seems to point if app is under Notification setting it can produce sound but Geary is clearly there so I don’t know whats the disconnect

I share your concerns and have for as long as @fiacco started this post . Phosh and GNOME have an entire tab in Settings for Notifications and yet they do not seem to make any sound. I found two separate solutions, although only one is a real solution (more of a hack).

My first attempt was implementing Audible Gnome Notification ( which is a python script that is easy to modify and you can make it use dbus to cause sound notifications for any program that makes a drop down notification via dbus. I was testing it on my PureOS desktop and it was fine, but PureOS on the L5 does not appear to implement dbus in the same way so the script doesn’t work. I dug a bit into dbus on the L5 but accepted that it was one step too far for my skills.

Second attempt implemented a short bash script written by @adamd ( It was really quite easy and worked well by running the script at start up. I tried to get it to autorun at boot but it was too much trouble. The script uses dbus-monitor to produce the sound notifications. Changing the sound that is played was also easy. I stopped using my L5 for about 2 months, so I didn’t play much with this at the time. I’m back on my L5 now, hoping the audio calling has been resolved, and will try using this notification script again. I tested it with Dino and it was working great.

Why sound notifications have not been a priority for Purism is a bit of a surprise. Obviously, there are a lot of priorities, and call quality and reliability come first (my opinion), but sound notifications should be right up there at the top of priorities to make a device ready for daily use. I’m sure Purism will get there in time.