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Good way to build better Librem 5 experience would be having Q&A site where we can together try to find solution for problems or bugs and suggests new important features.

For example Sailfish (Jolla) Q&A site:
With this people were able to find bugs which were draining Jolla 1 battery when it came out.
And there are lots of this kind of work do by Sailfish community.

Any thoughts?

To some degree, I would say that is what these forums are.

For bug reporting, there is


Personally, I’d like to see a Wikipedia. That way it would be much easier to go through.

There is this page:

There was some discussion about it here:


It’s more than a page, it’s a full wiki. So the wish of a wikipedia on the L5 had been granted already… :grinning:

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There is also this, though it doesn’t get a whole lotta love:

@surfingtux you have:

with documentation on the Librem 5, Pureboot, Librem Key, Librem One

This is the part for the Librem 5 (that also covers known issues in Birch batch):

For PureOS there is the wiki:

And the issue tracker:

There is our hardware wiki (that yes needs some love):

There is our general FAQ (that also covers the L5 and Librem One):