Questions on RAM

Why is Purism’s memory so expensive?

Just to give a comparison for the same 32 GB RAM (2 cards).
Amazon: ~196 USD
Purism: >349 USD

I understand that Purism ships it prebuilt but, I know how to manage memory.
How does this affect me? Is it special somehow?

Is it special somehow?

Like more freedom respecting? Is the online stuff somehow worse?
It may make sense to spend more for better quality.

To ensure an apples and apples comparison, make sure you are looking at the right type of memory (SO-DIMM, DIMM, pins etc. and generation DDR3, DDR4 etc.), at the same speed (2133 MHz, 2666 MHz etc.), at the same density (e.g. 8GB, 16GB, 32GB etc. per module), at the same latency (CL19, CL17 etc.) and of the same era.


@fyguhij hi ! please understand that when it comes to Purism and any other open-hardware manufacturer that develops it’s own specialized freedom-respecting-OS to work out-of-the-box with that hardware it’s about the package as a whole. also they are an SPC (social-purpose-company).

you pay extra for the whole freedom concept plus the added privacy-security that comes with the teritory.


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One of the most thought out posts on here.

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@reC that’s just marketing fluff…not really related.

Actually the same DIMM as a single slot is ~$250 MSRP so given the warranty it’s a good deal.
I cannot say it about other upgrades (like the storage which is a total rip off) but on this side
they did not go full Apple.

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My main question is if it is somehow better, especially if I decide to upgrade later.
I know Purism deblobs a lot of stuff and contributes to free software.

@kieran @ reC @ JnCA @ s3ns0r @everybody

Do you own a librem laptop so that you could open it up and tell us what memory is in there?

@kieran Here is my source for what RAM they use:

Hmmm. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I replied on that other discussion.

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So I think we can now answer the original question …

  • Because you had the wrong part number, your price comparison is invalid, but with the corrected information there will still be a price premium, but a premium that is in my opinion reasonable.
  • No, it is not special. The same module could be found in heaps of other laptops. It’s a standard module.
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the RAM modules sold by Purism in their laptops are in no way special.

i meant to say that if you care about software-freedom or free-software then paying extra for the whole package is just like making a donation to support the development of gnu/linux software and open-hardware.

i didn’t mean to say that just owning overpriced hardware from Purism makes you a freedom God by some miracle. maybe you just don’t understand the whole free-software philosophy > > > > > > > >