Quick Internet Search Tutorial

I wrote up a tutorial on how I accomplished drastically quicker startup time for internet searches on my Librem 5. Thanks for any feedback. Please let me know if anything is unclear or incorrect!


I for myself do not use a tool to search the internet or have to consult a search engine. So my Phone is often offline (or connected to Mobile without Data/Internet connectivity). And i do not like to eliminate the the lock screen like you suggest.

However i like your approach, cause it seems perfect to you. However just try to not often use some internet search and read more directly on Wikipedia or ask social links directly, in an offline or Online, not mainstream, e2e Messenger.



In contrast, I deployed a metasearch engine with an API, but if I had to optimize the time to paint, I would probably locally deploy my own index and crawler on my Librem 5 USA instead.

@amosbatto , maybe my solution for removing the lockscreen will work to eliminate another password for you :slight_smile:

Very interesting idea. How big would a useful index be?

That depends on your needs. I am more likely to archive resources in multiple DAS then to continously refine an index and/or to increase the depth of web crawls; I prefer sneakernet practices.