Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced


As I see it, specs are better than initially advertised. And they seem balanced. And enough for a phone that can also do some level of desktop - my comparison point being a full laptop that has root+home at 28GB and uses 2 to 2.5GB memory to run full desktop, several progs, streaming and browser tabs (and this is not a “light” anything). My daily use hasn’t changed much in years - probably less as FF uses memory better now. External storage (memory card, netdrive) have the rest, just like with the phone. For heavy lifting I’ll still be using proper tools. Even with increased specs L5 (or any phone) would not fullfil even half the needs for something big and heavy. It does not need to.

(edit: adding about screen - 720 on a less than 6" is enough. Original promise was 5" touchscreen. Full HD would suck more battery, wouldn’t it? As I said: balanced.)


oh yea , i forgot cairo-dock boots too at startup.


Yeah, no. Except they promised 1080p, as @Some_dude36 said in another topic.
Here: LINK


A promise is what was on the campaign page. Not a hope that was expressed in an interview prior to the campaign.


It’s still misleading. What about people that watched that video and though “oh, it’s 1080p! Then i’ll preorder it!”?


Yeah. Purism is definitely not perfect in communication. But if some one spends 600$ on something he should take the time so evaluate what he is buying. So it is what is promised on the campain page. As on other products you buy. And even double check on crowdfoundings as the are know to be subject to change. Same for the VAT discussion. The purism support seams pretty good and if one is not sure about the terms he could have asked. But i see lots of complaining here in the forum that is much louder than i think purism deserves for the sometimes not optimal communication.


Those people should learn to do proper research before they spend a lot of money.


I mean, don’t get me wrong, 720p is totally fine for me, it just bothers me that he clearly said 1080p. He didn’t say “probably”.


I mean… he’s the CEO of Purism, so anyone would think it’s true what he says about his products…


We can see in the new video that the Librem 5 uses around 1.36 GB of RAM with no apps open. That is much more than I expected :thinking:


Yeah you are right. But i take it with a grain of salt as i think Todd is at least as exited as we are and would probably also like to have 8g ram, 256GB storage and1080p for 100€ less :D. But in due course the reality demands some changes. And yeah one could argue that on the media he should be more conservatory with promises, but i personally like it that its the real enthusiasm you can see in his interview. Not the normal big corporate lawyer approved statements. Over promising is the down side of this.


What board is this from the day 30 video? Is it a screens shot of the L5 PCB?

The chip seam to be an STM32F103TBU6 which is an ARM Cortex-M3. So what device is this?


The final specs announce have been updated. The phone mockup have been replaced by the old one:


I am pretty sure it is not the final Librem 5 PCB. I can’t remember where it came from now (I bet @Caliga knows), but I’m pretty sure it was either devkit or even Librem Key




Yep. Anyone knowing why? PureOS/Phosh seems to be even heavier on resources than gnome itself.


Wow - someone payed attention!

You really got me worrying about the 3 G RAM only (if I were not worrying enough before about that because I want to use the phone in the convergence mode :-x)

I am sure that there is a reason for this. If you look at 0:17 you will see the 1,36G on the top, but on the right there is no process using RAM higher than 1 %.

Most probably it’s just:

@reC @Caliga what do you think?

Edit: ok from 0:19 on there is one task with about 23% RAM and 639M. That’s kind of a lot, and it starts with /usr/bin, is a process by the local user (purism) but we don’t know what it is. If it’s the GUI it seems kind of a lot to me - but I am not using gnome … maybe that’s normal?


Look closer. Pid 535 has 23% or ~700MB, iow half of the used RAM.
It must be one of the involved processes (phosh/phoc/squeekboard/kings cross).
This is still early, unoptimized code. Doesn’t worry me.
I’m a diehard Plasma user on the desktop, so I’d have a plan b :yum:
But seriously, in 2017 I was sure to put Plasma mobile on it. Meanwhile I see what they are doing, and Purism might make me a Gnome mobile user (desktop? no way…).
As the product page says:

Lifetime updates that actually extend your phone’s life
Like a good wine, it will probably get better over time, not worse.

Give em that time :sunglasses:


my goodness. I just wanna strip my clothes off and run through the neighborhood naked !!! It’s almost SHIPPING TIME !!!


I’m almost confident it will start shipping 1st week of August :slight_smile: