Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced


Is there more information about what “Video out” over USB-C really means? HDMI-compatible? DisplayPort-compatible? Maximum resolution?


On a PC a good way to use a truckload of RAM is to start spinning up VMs.

No idea what the status of virtualisation is on the Librem 5 (although it certainly won’t be a priority for me).


man Purism likes teasing folks . ATLEASt 1080p atleast 4gb of ram . heres an updated mockup oh by the way CIKE




Well theres no need to cuss there chief . I was refering to an interview done last year with Purism CEO and he said atleast 1080p and either 4gb or 64gb of storage neither of which happened . And on top of that they released the digital mockup of the latest configuration of the device which they have now retracted .


True, but there’s also no need to imply deceptive behavior.
The interview is not from last year. It is almost exactly 2 years old.
At that point, only basic research was done. A few weeks later, the campaign was officially launched, and every promise on the campaign page (except delivery date) has been kept, if not over-delivered.


Purism’s promotional images show a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. If the USB-C docking station and your USB mouse and keyboard are supported by standard Linux, then it should work with the Librem 5 in theory. The first test is to install PureOS on a standard PC and connect your docking station and all the peripherals and see if they all run.

Purism is “converging on convergence” so I wouldn’t expect convergence to be ready on day one. I expect that people will be doing a lot of experimenting to figure out what they can make work.


To be honest, reverting to the old design has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. I was pretty keen on that new design. I know there are a number of reasons they might need to though.

Then again, perhaps they reverted it to give them room to make more changes to the design.


I said teasing not deceiving haha Im not mad . I realize that interview was in the beginning of 2018 and a lot can change . No worries. Im happy with the finished specs.

I had a 720p phone that looked just fine and the 2tb max microSD support will be fine for the storage.


Yea , that case does look kinda dated but hey WORKING UBUNTU PHONE !!!

My reason for moving to the L5 wasnt even necessarily privacy features . Because unless youre alone in a room by yourself youre probably going to be able to be recorded through other peoples devices and cameras .

My reason for switching because manufacturers were removing the modular nature of devices so you have to pay exorbitant repair prices even for something as simple as changing a battery . And because manufacturers were trending towards the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jacks .

And im a huge linux fan . So the new mockup did look nicer however its not the end of the world theyre reverting back to the OG iphone look .


the better question for users who don’t know how to modify but want to (or just implement different things) is - who can i get in touch to do it for me ? it’s free-software so why wouldn’t everything work if there is someone who knows how to hack … somewhere


Reading the final specs, it is not clear whether we will get 1 or 2 speakers:


  • 1 earpiece speaker + digital microphone
  • 1 loudspeaker

Can anyone clarify?


I believe one is a speaker for when you hold up the phone to the ear (earpiece speaker) to make calls and the other is a speaker for general media playback or for when you want to make a phone call on loudspeaker


Did I miss something? There is a photo of the final design?


Well the final specs have the older mock up picture on the webpage where before it was replaced with the newer mockup with the smaller chin and forehead device which has been replaced with the older mockup once again .

Again purism isnt the best on communication so im not saying that is the device we’re going to get however I think its safe to say that may be the device that will ship .


We’ll know soon enough :slight_smile:

I’m betting it will be the device as pictured in the July video. But I’m good either way.


I didn’t really notice anything.
So, if they just changed that pic, that doesn’t look promising. The phone should be already either on or off assembly line by now and actual picture would be available. This can only mean , shipping won’t be any time soon.
Unless they are messing with is :slight_smile:

Seriously, I have no clue how they don’t have the final housing design ready [ to share]. I thought they were waiting to figure out the baseband modem & few little things that don’t really change anything


As the newer photo, but yet replaced by to old one for now, seams to be the same as in on of the daily videos, i’m pretty confident that it is what he final phone locks like, But i think some one put it on the shop page to early. I think it is totally clear that purism has all the spec and a finished phone when they want to ship in the next 2 month. All this holding back of information, is all to make a good marketing when they are ready to announce the shiping. They want some surprises so they get a good media coverage.

I think they have had prototypes tested and are now waiting to get the final batch of phones from china. As i understood the final assembly will be in the US, as things like the modem (gemalto version) will be produce there and shipping goes from there. So i imagine they have a date when the phone arrive from china but they wait for them to arrive before announcing anything 100% fix. This will probably happen when the hardware arrived and they put some phones together so thy know how long it will take them to get them all out. That is the moment when thy can announce a reliable data without relying on the delivery promises from the manufacturer.

Would be quite bad for the launch if they failed on the final announced data just because the manufacture delayed for 2 weeks, wouldn’t it? They probably just play safe here.


Ditto. But then again, last time I tried Gnome I lasted less than 12 months at it, so we’ll see!


My current carrier only delivers the micro. Lucky for me I kept a T-Mobile converter from micro to nano.

I didn’t know about a power-hungry processor. My Nexus 6p has similar specs, but the display is way different and the battery is slightly smaller. I assumed my 4K display is a power hog, and that I would get longer working time from the Librem 5 configuration.