Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced


yea , I had a micro and just trimmed the edges off to make it nano and it worked :smiley: Yea , the a53 from what I understand wasnt meant to be a mobile platform but works but has greater power consumption compared to the 7nm snapdragons out now .

But were not going to have a bunch of background spy telemetry , the screen is only 720 so way less pixels to push around . We should get decent battery life out of it ,


Aren’t you supposed to attribute quotes from companies that sue for infringement? :thinking:


This comment requires a betting pool.


I take it back. They switched the photo of the phone , kept it as pre - order in checkout…
They definitely don’t have the product in hands


I didn’t see anybody talking about the type of Glass the digitizer is covered with. Will I feel like an iPhone owner with bandaids on my fingertips? I rarely see an uncracked iPhone, but often see uncracked Androids.

Also, I had discovered a quirk about digitizers while owning a Nexus 7 Gen II. Any crack in the screen nullifies all input through the digitizer. I’ve never seen a phone like that. I’ve done a fair amount of screen replacements on many phones and even discount digitizers work after being cracked badly. Odd’s are good that the Librem 5 won’t have a one-crack and done problem.

Still, I’m going to get a right-sized (enough) glass topper on it within 24-hours of delivery.


I’ve heard him deny he ever said it, so I think I’m safe. My point being, 3gb of memory may seem like it’s fine forever but the future has a tendency to surprise you.


iPhones use standard Corning Gorilla glass, just like everyone else. Between 2012 and 2017 , Apple used a proprietary in-cell touch LCD technology, which was thinner and more sensitive (better transmittance). Now Apple is using GF2 (also called DITO), which is a type of on-cell projected capacitive touch display that works better with OLED.

Use of in-cell touch LCDs is growing for mid-range phones, so we might get something like Apple’s old in-cell touch tech in the Librem 5. See:


Now that you mention it, I think you are probably correct. As you said, it was also shown in the daily videos, but I’m not sure why they would switch the picture back after advertising it publicly in the video. I’m not sure how much benefit there is to withhold the phone design when they already released it. It’s left me confused anyway. :upside_down_face:

I’m just thinking “aloud” …


That would be the worst marketing move. Of course, if it ends up looking good :slight_smile:
You can do that in music, like Lady Gaga selling records while wearing a mask for a long time, keeping fans in suspense & wondering who is she . :slight_smile:
I mean, obviously they already did, but that was for hardcore enthusiasts. They also want to appeal to regular consumers who show some interest for privacy. Most of those, do care about the looks


You mean like when the encryption / decoding war escalates?


I saw some people mentioning how a Linux based OS would also do better with battery time, but we will see. It’s like trying a psychology experiment, you can’t have identical subjects to test theory. I’ll be running a Nexus 6p that has aged, but had a replacement battery installed about 5 months ago to compare to the Librem 5. However, a totally different set of apps and different usage patterns.



:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: (min 20 characters shrugs)
EDIT: Oh yeah, caching. Almost forgot about that. No need to be worried about that imo.


iPhone screens scrack easly because they’re thinner that what usually other smartphone have. Probably done on purpose, ya know, apple.


Honestly, if they really reverted back with the design is better, because a lot of people preordered the phone thinking they’ll get something similiar to that concept art. Changing the design after 2~ years of preorders is not a smart idea.


but it looked bigger and bulkier, kind of like a Note. I like what they’ve mostly come up with now. It looks sleek


I found our beloved L5 android equivalent . 183.00

Dual Rear 13MP/2MP Cameras
Front 8MP Selfie Camera
Snapdragon 439 Octa-Core CPU
32GB Storage Capacity + 3GB of RAM
5.71" 1520 x 720 IPS LCD Display

However its not FOSS
Its not open source
its not linux
it is spy brick with carrierIQ sending every call every text to data collection center in utah by default .

I cant tell you how happy I am to pay this additional 500 bucks . I hope the Librem 5 project succeeds . And am honored to be in on the project .


Most all ignore the specificas of the librem5. Has any samsung-phone or the IPhone privacy switches? No! If one only sees the “normal” specs, they might seem to be low. But if one consideres the privacy specs they are very high. No other supplier has comparable specs.


The Librem 5 is a very specialised phone. It is the best phone on the near future market for freedom and privacy lovers but a bad phone for all other people. Unfortunately, the group of freedom and privacy lovers seems to be pretty small these days.

And not every freedom and privacy lover will be able to buy a Librem 5 since it is an expensive phone. Some might go for the PinePhone which seems to be about equal in freedom though with lower specs and less privacy features. In fact if the Librem 5 fails then I will probably get a PinePhone myself since it is a great low-budget alternative for the Librem 5.


Unfortunately, the group of freedom and privacy lovers seems to be pretty small these days.

I would bet a LOT of people would seek privacy if it were convenient enough. Unfortunately to do it fully they’d have to give up Faceborg and Amazon and Twitter…and what was the one service that guy (who got jumped on for being a troll) angrily denounced Purism for not including? In essence, they’d want some equivalent (but privacy-respecting) service that provided the same thing–and gave them as much access to other people as the Spies do.

Very few people value privacy soooooooo much that they’re willing to toss these things overboard. So the effective result is, your statement is correct, but COULD change under the right circumstances.