Recent Phosh updates causing odd problem

First of all. I can’t say this enough: awesome device. Just love it.

Here is my perceived problem: I updated Phosh with the recent updates. Now, when I boot, first I enter my password for disk decryption, then I get this odd screen which appears to be some odd Gnome-setting thing with my username and a mouse cursor, then (but not always) the odd screen usually goes away and then boots into Pure OS. Sometimes it changes the light settings, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it won’t boot at all to Pure OS. I have to keep turning the phone off and on.

Also, as a clue: I do not get any of the power button functionality for emergency contacts, etc., as described here by the estimable Guido Gunther:
Might this have something to do with my odd screen behaviour? Maybe? Maybe not?

I am happy to report any fancy commands back to anyone to try and resolve this annoying issue. Cheers.

I recognize that one. I have been seeing that (and still do), for a couple of weeks now. It is just an old fashioned, run-of-the-mill GUI login screen. It doesn’t appear to cause amy problems. And I sort of like it, because it makes the phone so linuxy.

That is funny. I sort of like it too but I don’t like having to turn the phone off-and-on and wait and wonder . . . .

Maybe one day it will become usable and serve an actual purpose on the L5. :crazy_face:

(As a GUI item, I mean.)

Wouldn’t mind that at all.

When did you update it?

I believe I updated it last Sunday. Maybe Monday morning?

Ooh because I don’t have this problem. Did you refresh the phone

I meant to say reflash

That version is very recent and not in Byzantium yet (in fact, it’s not even released upstream yet).

Have you installed gdm? It’s not installed by default. If you did, you may have to disable the service so it doesn’t run at boot.

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What is gdm?

We don’t use GDM on Librem 5 by default.

Thank you!

How do we disable it?

Just like any other service: sudo systemctl disable gdm.

You could also just uninstall it if you don’t need it.


Ok thank you

Indeed that fixes the eclectic pureos10 login showing with cursor just before the phosh login screen with pin osk on reboot.

For me gdm wasnt installed and apt info gdm showed it to be a virtual package (not sure what that means). Gdm however was enabled by default on the L5 using current flash images. What is it used for since it appears enabled by default?

To me if it slows down the boot/login process wouldnt it be better to not show it by default?

Are there plans for phosh to start using a Display Manager for login (rather than be it’s own systemd unit)?

It’s not even installed by default, so it can’t be enabled. You enabled it, most likely by installing it as a recommended dependency of some other package.

The package is called gdm3.

Based on byzantium landing for gdm3 version 3.38.2-1pureos1

does this mean its packaged in pureos10 but not necessarily installed?

Ill try to figure out what could be installing it based on my manually installed packages.