Refund is very late

After cancling my L5 in Europe, the refunding takes too long:

as I wrote some month ago:
I would like to cancel my order, please transfer the money to the original payment method.
Regards …

Hello again,
so far I didn’t get a reply?

Hello J.A,
I didn’t get my money back. Please finalize that within 2 weeks from now.

Nothing happened till now.

I don’t understand, why Purism needs so much time.

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And what should this forum do in this case.

I will mute this thread for the future.

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Sometimes a post is made to share/announce information not to “do” a specific thing. Not dissimilar to your post saying you will mute the thread, this is just an announcement and there’s nothing for the forum or the members to “do” with regard to it. What is the OP supposed to do with your announcing that you’re muting the thread so that you won’t see it…

I suggest reviewing this topic: Estimate your Librem 5 refund 💸 and adding to it if appropriate.

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I forgot to ask, if other community members from Europe have similar experiences.

Are there other earlier baker, who had to wait so long for refund?

How should I proceed, because I have asked several times, but the money -paid in 2019- is not transferred back? Do I need a lawyer now?

As far as I remember a German user successfully got their refund after filling a police report and letting Purism know about it.

Purism is not only violating their own policies, but also federal rules, but unfortunately they don’t seem to care about that. They only seem to comply when they get enough pressure from the authorities or a lawyer.

I asked for a refund on the 8th of November 2022.

I still haven’t received it, and I get no reply any longer from Purism when I ask what is happening.

I also ordered my phone in 2019 (5th of January). I am living in Sweden.

Hi cbl,
thanks for your hint, I just found a form, how to do this in Germany.

I think about doing the same.

If you ordered the phone in 2019, maybe you should just take delivery of the phone now. Purism is nearly done shipping all of the 2019 orders. I ordered my L5 in September of 2019 and received my phone last week.

Granted, you do have a right to a refund and Purism is not (in my opinion) operating legally or ethically when it comes to issuing refunds. And there are Securities laws that govern how anyone can advertise and collect investment money from the public to fund a business. But there are practicality issues also. One of the moderators here wouldn’t allow me to make a claim on this forum that Purism operates illegally because (his logic) there are no convictions or lost civil suits. But the phone is good enough and is a good step forward in freeing phones from Google and Apple. It’s a small purchase. We learn our lessons as we go. The things that matter most to me in a transaction (like integrity, no matter how long the wait) were not honored, even though I eventually got the phone. I have a long memory.

That’s the thing what surprises me the most. They’re ruining the reputation and are making sure that people who got screwed with likely won’t ever make business with them again and will instead warn others.

IMHO they should have just been open with it and maybe do something like this: “Sorry guys, we’re in financial troubles and if we’d honor every refund we’d be out of business. With your help however me might find a solution. First we’ll offer a mechanism where instead of a refund, you can practically sell your unshipped phones/spot in the queue, and once it finds a buyer you’ll immediately get your money. Second we’re granting interest rates to people who are willing to delay their refunds. Third, people who don’t opt for option one or two are entitled to a prompt refund and from now on we’ll honor that. If enough people however decide to use option one or two we’ll be able to stay in business and eventually everyone gets their phone or money. Thanks for your understanding.”

Of course, if Purism is not in financial troubles there’s no excuse for violating refund policies and FTC rules and the executives are just immoral and deserve any fines or legal consequences and I’m just sad for the honorable employees within Purism who just want to work on free soft and hardware.

Before I ordered my phone, I was careful and asked Purism (proven by the e-mail I have, 5.4.2019):
“Just in case the phone wouldn’t work e.g. with the bluetooth of my car, or another important thing wouldn’t fit …
Do I have a right of return for the first 2 weeks or something like that?”

Our current policy for the laptops, for example, is that you can return
it in 30 days, but we’ll have to keep 10% restocking fee, if everything
is OK with the hardware.

–Goran Stevanovic

So if I can return a phone, that was sent to me, I should also be able to cancel it before sending. That is easier for them and for me, because there is no shipping and no work for a “sending back” issue…
That is logical for me.

I’m waiting for over 10 weeks for refund. I received phone on February and send it back as it was on too early stage of development in my opinion. Btw. I was waiting for this phone for over 4 years.
Before I send the phone back, I got info from Purism that they will give my money back within max 3-4 weeks…
@speedy-10 I’m from Europe.