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I ordered mine on January 30, 2019 and cancelled the order in September 2020. I was told that once they get to my turn in the queue, I would get a refund. I patiently waited. Now my turn has passed and I still haven’t gotten reimbursed. So there I am again writing emails and asking them to finally refund me. Has this happened to anyone else?


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Sorry to hear about your refund.
You should have gone for the phone. As far as phones go: it is something else!


@ wimdows I am not convinced that this is the lesson to be learned. It is illegal and morally unethical to do business like this. Today I filed a complained with the State of California Department of Justice and reported to the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.

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Yes, in the same boat unfortunately.

2018-09-08; ordered my Librem 5
2020-04-16; Requested a refund , was told funds are locked and need to wait until they reach my order in the queue
2022-09-06; Got the Librem 5 Evergreen shipping email
2022-09-07; Re-requested a refund. Was told it will take some weeks for my order to be
2022-10-06: Was told the refund processes are slower. As such my refund would scheduled to be processed in Q1 2023.
2023-03-02: Still did not receive any refund.

Also based in the EU.


That’s in violation of Purism’s own policy at the time you ordered:

If, for any reason, you want to cancel your order before it was shipped, we will issue a full refund. Source

By April 2020 Purism also had delayed the shipping multiple times already, which means according to the FTC mail order rule Purism had to notify you of the delay, including

a statement that, if the customer chooses not to wait, the customer can cancel the order and obtain a full and prompt refund

That’s what you asked for, so Purism then:

must refund the correct amount within seven working days after the order is cancelled. Source

Instead of seven working days you’ve now been waiting more than a thousand days. So not only did Purism violate their own policies, they also violated the FTC rule. This is clearly a case of fraud and the FTC has a simple online form were you can report it, even when you’re from the EU.

Edit: Also someone from the EU recently was able to quickly get their money back by filing a police report and forwarding a copy of it to Purism.


Thanks for sharing the info @deepattention and @cbl. I’ll see next steps with FTC and police in Germany.

So far have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, with the and with the Attorney’s General Office in California.

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@cbl Thank you very much for this information! I went ahead and filled a report at FTC. I am tired of waiting. Thanks also for the pointer that a police report might help.

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Yeah, I did the same. And since this thread has been split off from the refund thread and other people cannot read it anymore, I will re-post this useful information collected here in other forums. Purism’s behavior is unacceptable.

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It was split off from the topic where people report actually receiving their phones (which is obviously irrelevant if you are waiting on a refund). It was split off because it was a total hijack of the topic. It was split off because it was off-topic. In my opinion it should have been rolled into one of the existing refund whine topics but maybe that is a forum software limitation.

I believe that anyone can read this new topic. At least, it came up in my feed as a new visible topic - but then I’m logged in. It is still in a public category, so should be visible to anyone. You should be able to verify that by logging out, clearing cookies if necessary, closing your browser, opening your browser and visiting the forum without logging in.


This. Sorry for not describing the reason, I mistakenly thought it was clear.


Thanks for the explanation. It was not at all obvious to me. One person had commented that this thread should to be muted, and then it was split off. Why not add it to the other thread, where it fits, “Has Purism refunded you?”? I had posted similar messages in both threads, but only here it got picked up and I got useful feedback.

what about contacting other customers who still didn"t get their refund to do a class action against purism?
They are mocking their customers for so long now!


Because if you organize against Purism, then Purism is not obliged to help you. Replies to the above post will get removed.


police report it is.


i am from germany as well - have you filed a police report yet?

You can find a way to chat about your actions against Purism elsewhere. Closing.