Reinstalling PureOS


I make it a practice to download, verify, & re-install the OS on any new computers.
However, I’m very unfamiliar with Purism, and don’t want to screw anything up.
Is there an up to date guide that walks new users through a
re-install from scratch?



Do you have a Librem Key and Pureboot along with the laptop or just Coreboot?

I have the Librem Key and Pureboot on a LIbrem 13 Machine.

ok, if you have Pureboot, then:

You need:

  • A working computer
  • USB drive, 2GB minimum capacity
  • Internet connection

First part:

Second part:

But I would recommend you to do this only after reinstalling the system.


Thanks. Worked!


Thanks for sharing this. I have same query but not it is solved.

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“Start your Librem — on the PurBoot menu select “Options” → “Boot options” → “USB Boot” → press ENTER on the first entry”

my menus “first entry” is this-
“Test_or_install_PureOS_[/ casper /vmlinuz]”
and six more equally challenging to interpret ones after that. Other references to that menu have three items that explain themself mines different what am i doing wrong or whats happening do you know?

I followed every instruction already and just get corrupt installs, not able to recover from sleep mode, not LUKS encrypted, other ones probbly due to some error but have tried to follow all info sources and cant find the answer or even why i have a 7 option live boot menu which may be the problem…
Please help me to resolve this issue on a Mini v2 with PureBoot and Librem key so i may enjoy it.

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What a painful experience this has been. I cant get more than a link referal out of customer service when it should be clear by now i need personal assistance. The machine has need of BIOS update ive never done it and need help to get this done DEAR PURISM PLEASE HELP ME I NEED PERSONAL ASSISTANCE PLEASE REPLY MY EMAILS WITH A EFFORT TO RESOLVE THIS PROPERLY ! Ill try whatever it takes, sooner you help me get this done better for all i wait your reply on email. Thanks!

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REMINDER- hello customer that already paid over here, dont forget about me now i paid already please thank you and all that you were so helpful to get the money now time to show the support its not working

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The first option is correct; ignore the other six boot options.

Thanks, i got the BIOS updated so will leave this step closed, still having issue after that but will start new post to avoid mixing things up

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