Reinstalling PureOS


I make it a practice to download, verify, & re-install the OS on any new computers.
However, I’m very unfamiliar with Purism, and don’t want to screw anything up.
Is there an up to date guide that walks new users through a
re-install from scratch?


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Do you have a Librem Key and Pureboot along with the laptop or just Coreboot?

I have the Librem Key and Pureboot on a LIbrem 13 Machine.

ok, if you have Pureboot, then:

You need:

  • A working computer
  • USB drive, 2GB minimum capacity
  • Internet connection

First part:

Second part:

But I would recommend you to do this only after reinstalling the system.


Thanks. Worked!


Thanks for sharing this. I have same query but not it is solved.