Reprogram Shift Key on Librem 14

Is there a way to reprogram the pgup key to work as a Shift function. I’m using my Librem 14 largely as a content writer and am having difficulty adjusting to the small Shift key. Its driving me nuts. Jumping from one page line to another - and in and out of programs. Please advise.

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I believe the answer to your question is addressed in this thread:

You can do this easily by modifying the keymap in the Librem EC source code, then reflashing the EC firmware.

The file is located in this location:


It’s possible to do it using just udev. To do that create /etc/udev/hwdb.d/99-librem14.hwdb with the following content:

# Librem14v1 keyboard
  KEYBOARD_KEY_3A=leftctrl # CapsLOCK -> LCTRL (if requred)
  KEYBOARD_KEY_C8=rightshift # UP -> RSHIFT

Then issue:

$ sudo systemd-hwdb update # updates hwdb.bin
$ sudo udevadm trigger # reloads hwdb.bin to the system

Thank you all - very helpful.