[SALE] Librem 5 Evergreen Europe unopened


I have finally received my phone after 4 years but since the purchase my situation has changed and I have to give it away.
I estimate the price at 900€ (700$ purchase + 154.50€ taxes + shipping) and can send it if you pay in advance by bank transfer, or we arrange to meet in Strasbourg, France.

Please let me know if you are interested.



I have a Librem5 and I’m considering a second one to use for development / playing around.

From my persective I can’t justify paying more than ~500 Euros (plus 100-150 import tax to the UK), which I realise is way below what you are hoping to get.

If you would consider coming down to this sort of level, please let me know, otherwise, good luck with your sale.

Kind regards