SALE. Sale of my Librem 5 Evergreen just received. European Union

Dear all,

I finally received my Librem 5 evergreen ordered in 2019.
But the fact is that I really have no time to “play” with it, and it stays in its box since arrival.

I ordered with it from purism:

  • SD memory card 128 Go
  • Privacy scren
  • A spare battery

Overall it cost me 686 USD + 261€23 for the VAT I had to pay to DHL and customs.

I am available to sell the phone and its accessories at the price it cost me (913€), preferably in the EU to avoid all the nightmare involved with customs.

I can do it through any platform you prefer (e.g. eBay or any other), or if you pass by Porto in Portugal, you can just come and pick it up.

I am a bit sad I don’t have a “use case” for it, or enough time to create one, but anyhow I would be glad if my purchase helped development of Linux on smartphones.

Keep in touch.




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I would agree that your purchase helped. Therefore dear @guerraj, thanks for your kind offer to sell your Linux smartphone through this Forum! Is it already getting new owner as it deserves? Any offers to buy this Librem 5 from you already received over private messaging here?

Hi @guerraj, I’d be interested if the device hasn’t been sold already, can you PM me?

Thank you for your kind message.
Yes, I already have received an offer from Sweden.
Except if someone from Portugal makes an offer (thus avoiding all expedition issues), I will send the phone by order of request.

All the best,


Hello, the phone has been shipped.
Thanks to all

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I’m just curious about one thing: when did you order your phone exactly? I did it at the very beginning of 2019 and i still have no news… :frowning:

Have a look here: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Hello. I ordered it in September 2017.
All the best

Hi José,

i am just your bad conscience. About using hardware that did not respect your privacy :wink:

Sorry for disturbing, my post is kind of like a joke and a small piece to be true about.

Since you first ordered that kind of a phone you should have one, too. Because a usual smartphone grep every data to sell it. Like a snitch or specialized professor reading your micro expressions to sell the results on the market.

Like in:

Regards and sorry for my Spam. Have a good Summer 2022, and drink enough water!