Save screenshots in a different folder

Is there a way I can set my screenshot shortcuts to save in a different folder than “Pictures”. I have created a subfolder in Pictures called “Screenshots” and would like to save them there. Thank you.

I guess gnome-screenshot is the responsible in terminal.
gnome-screenshot -f ~/Pictures/screen/one.png will save the file one on screen subdirectory.

I use a gnome extensions called screenshot-tool which allows me to manually capture an area of the screen and then either saves it to my preferred location or give me an interactive popup to immediately copy or save to another folder. Quite handy and more versatile than the default option.

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  1. Create a script file with this content

    gnome-screenshot --file="$HOME/YourFolder/Filename$(date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S).png"

  2. Be sure to replace YouFolder and Filename with the folder and file name you want. Save the script in the path and the name you want i.e $HOME/

  3. Go to Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts - Screenshots section - Click on “Save a screenshot to Pictures” press Backspace to disable and click [Add].

  4. Go to the bottom of Keyboard Shortcuts and click on [+] symbol Fill the dialog box with
    Name: Save Screenshot in Captures
    Command: sh $HOME/
    Set Shortcut… Assign the Print Key
    Click [Add]

Now if you assigned the Print Key you will have your screenshots stored in your prefered folder.

Edit: After the point 2. run in terminal the following
chmod +x $HOME/
to make the script executable

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Thanks @Tonyp. So would this be a one time set up and then every time the keyboard shortcut would save the screenshot to that folder? I’m also a bit confused by what you mean by “File Name” because the screenshot is the file and I just want it saved to a folder. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious. Thank you again.


Change “Filename” to what you want the screenshot called (like “Screenshot” or something) as stated in step 2 (same for “YourFolder”). The stuff following Filename will add the date and time the screenshot was taken to the file name.

Got it. Thank you.