Screen sometimes won't turn on after charging

In the last couple of days I have encountered a new issue with my L5. After charging, the screen won’t turn on with the power button and a reboot is needed to fix it. Sometimes, when that happens, the red LED is blinking red, which is supposed to indicate a charging problem. I have experienced this also with the L5 charger that shipped with the phone.

I will try and ssh into the phone next time it happens, to see if this is just a GUI problem.

Anyone else experienced this?

Do you by chance have all the kill switches turned off? Wondering if it’s a instance of Librem 5 won't wake bug

Did you by any chance allow the battery to run out completely before charging? If so, remove the battery, then put it back in.

By the way, when I connect my L5 for charging, it turns itself on, if it was off.

No, I have so far not drained the battery completely, even though it drains rapidly.

Nope, all kill switches set to ‘on’.

It happened again after charging, but this time I left it lone for few minutes and the screen came back on. I guess the phone had some kind of race condition and not responsive while it lasted.

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This problem appears at least once a day now. Are there any log files that would help pinpointing the problem?

If you can reproduce you can start

top -bn200 > /tmp/top.log

before you hook it up to the charger.

And maybe there is some info in


after it recovered.

Ok, will do!