Selling 800$ coupon code


I’m selling 800$ Librem/Purism shop coupon code for 600$ if anyone interested.

Got it instead of my Librem 5 phone as I got one from eBay.



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Please note coupon code is only valid for the shop account to which it was issued.

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…I’m sure that policy was clearly communicated by Oleg Lights and yourself when you offered the coupon to charles131… or did you just make that policy up?

Policy or IT implementation?

It is not a policy. It is more likely a limitation of the Wordpress backend.

Personal coupon codes are always created “linked” to the email address/account from our web shop, so that no one else could apply it (deliberately or accidentally). If the owner wants to transfer the code to some other email address/shop account, we are okay with this (it is enough to just email support).