[For Sale] Jan 2019 Librem 5 pre-order $749.99


Similar to the post here, I am selling my preorder for $749.99. The phone will come directly from purism to your address.

Why are you selling your preorder?

Originally I ordered this phone to hack around on. My hobbies have changed slightly since the preorder.

Why are you asking more than what you paid?

This is a deal that benefits both parties. The buyer is getting an large discount compared to the current $1200 price tag AND their order is moved to the top of the queue. The seller is getting compensation for the time spent with support attempting to get a refund, and the time for arranging the transfer of the preorder.

Below is the receipt with order number redacted, just in case:


shrieking about you selling for more than the pre-order amount commences


read the second section.

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Wow. $150.You are so fair. Who gets the invoice of this pre-order, you or the one who “buys” it from you? And what does the invoice say?
Do you have to pay taxes in your country for such an earning?

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I’m glad you can see how selling a phone at $450 below full retail is a good deal. Especially when the order would not be placed at the end of the wait list. Most people would be willing to pay extra for that!

I don’t see the need for an invoice. Once the preorder is transferred to another account, Purism is the entity that will have the buyer’s account number and shipping details. They are also who will be fulfilling the order.