Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?


Hi all, I just received an email from Purism asking to reply with my batch preference (first, second, third choice). It said a follow-up would be sent about modem+power supply choice and shipping address. But I pre-ordered early on the first day of the campaign.


I ordered mine at the very start of this year and my email just arrived. No option for Fir, which was my preference, what gives?


Just got mine as well, I ordered just before the end of July 2019. It seems they are gathering preferences for Batches, which they are going to use to slot people into the batch queue based on priority and availability.

Once a batch is assigned we will get another email to confirm modem options and shipping address.


They ask for three preferences. Does order matter or not? For example I prefer Chestnut but I do not like to get it much later. So can I reply with

  1. Chestnut
  2. Dogwood
  3. Birch
    Does the above mean they will put me in Birch only if they can not place me in Chestnut or Dogwood? Or it means they may put me in Birch without checking if placement on Chestnut is possible.

I think the email is unclear on this. Can someone from Purism clarify this?


Now I will keep an eye out for that email :slight_smile: Mine hasn’t come in yet, but I’m patient.

It will be great when the early adopters start to get theirs I’m looking forward to reviews.


What is unclear? (20 chars)


got my email today, yipee


So, whether you received a mail by now, does not seem to depend on date of ordering. Curious what it does depend on. Geography?


Alphabetical order, maybe?


Sorting choice v purchase date?


Over in Librem Chat, Kyle said he didn’t know what sorting algorithm was used, but it wasn’t by order date. But he said the emails were going (present tense) out now.


It’s a preference that they are taking into account but my guess is that when you ordered is what matters most and is the biggest factor in determining which potential batch.

There is probably a fun compsci algorithm problem here, assigning slots in batches based on order date priority and batch preference, once you know the size of each batch and number of people that have a preference for a specific batch.


Order matters, it tells us which one you want most. Based on your example, we’re not going to put you in Birch since you want Chestnut & Dogwood more.

Also, we e-mailed all those who pre-ordered, not just folks who are eligible for the earlier batches. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you got your e-mail right away or later in the day, we want to know how everyone feels. If you don’t respond to the e-mail you’ll get the batch that you are automatically eligible for.

Cool? Cool.

Sits back, puts feet up to watch more crazy rampant speculation.


Still waiting on an email, pre-ordered October 2017.

EDIT: Got the email


I pre-ordered in mid-July of this year. Just got my email asking my shipping preference.


/me stares at the mail website

F5… F5… F5…


Just got my email and submitted my choices.


Email received and replied to approximately 20 minutes ago. Ordered late January of this year.


OMG! OMG! I just got one :smiley: Of course I responded I would like Aspen (even though they say 3 choices, I only said Aspen) and of course I quoted salt and peppa…push it real good !!


My Purism email said “due to your forum content you will receive an iPhone 5 in six months” :smile: