Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?


What happened to Fir? The initial announcement suggested we would be able to opt for Fir, but there’s no mention of it in the email. Am I correct in thinking we cannot opt for Fir after all? Why hasn’t this been stated explicitly?


That may come late, once all the batches are full. They could offer Fir for those who opted for Evergreen. Long way to go till Q2.


Same for me, I asked if I can choose Fir, if I don’t get Aspen. Also, they did not specify if modem variant T1 will be available as an option, because if not, I have to cancel my order!


Obviously, they decided to this Poll first and once devices are ready to ship, will ask you for modem of choice. They have plenty of time for that, since Aspen is gonna be very small batch.


I understand your point, but IF they will not ship modem T1 and let’s say, I’m in Aspen batch, they probably have to shift my order to the next in queue, changing all the shipping schedule. This is all hypothetical, because I don’t think to be in the Aspen batch.


I haven’t gotten mine yet :sob:

awesome! just got it half an hour ago! :+1:t2::grin:


Read the announcement again.
It never said you could choose Fir.
It said, for context, that Fir will be a thing in Q4 2020, so that nobody feels betrayed when they officially announce v2 sometime next year.


Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any official statement that the -T1 variant modem will be available. I’ve seen “high probability … it is being worked on …”, which is fine but not definitive either way.

However you can still choose the batch that you want and when they next contact you it will be to ask you what modem you want, and that will be the time to cancel or go for it.

I take it though that they have not contacted you to ask what batch you want, so this is all hypothetical. If they don’t contact you, maybe it is because they know you want the -T1 (you’ve said so often enough :slight_smile: ) and they know that it is not officially available yet.


Hello Librem 5 Customer!

Purism has announced an iterative Librem 5 shipping schedule that breaks down shipments into different batches each with its own name. If you haven’t yet read our shipping announcement post please review it at:

We have also published a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the shipping announcement at:

As we mentioned in the shipping announcement:

“Every iteration includes updates to hardware, mechanical design, and software. We will be contacting each customer to confirm their shipping address, which modem and power supply they would like, and to confirm which shipping batch they are currently scheduled to receive and to give them an opportunity to select a later batch than they are scheduled for, should they prefer to wait for a later iteration. As slots in a particular early batch free up, we will open it up for others in a later batch to join in, according to the date of the order.”

Please reply back to this email with the top three batches you would prefer to be in from following list:

  • Aspen
  • Birch
  • Chestnut
  • Dogwood
  • Evergreen

For instance, if you would like to be part of the Chestnut or later batches you would reply back with:

  1. Chestnut
  2. Dogwood
  3. Evergreen

We will use your preferences along with your priority and place in the order queue to determine which batch to assign you. Once we have assigned your order to a batch we will follow up with you to select the modem and power supply you would like and to confirm the correct shipping address.

You may not receive a reply to your email but rest assured we will have your preference recorded. If you have any questions regarding your Librem 5 order, please contact – for all other inquiries, please email us at

The Purism Team

That is the email. Seems like a pretty manual process. I ordered September 25th, 2017.


I just re-read the announcement three times and what you say is not the case. The announchement explains that the phone will be released in batches and includes Fir in the list of batches. Nowhere is it stated that Fir is only included for context or that it won’t be possible to opt for the Fir batch. ~20% of those polled in a seperate thread opted for Fir, and it was included in the poll in the first place, so it’s clear that this is not a silly misunderstanding on my part.

I accept that it may be a mistake in the announcement or the email. I accept that Purism may have changed their minds on the matter. I would like clarification rather than speculation.


Each iteration improves upon the prior in a rapid rolling release throughout the entire first version of the phone, including the public plans for the second revision of the phone for context.

Emphasis mine.


I’ve got the email, and I answered asking for the T1 variant (and for the Fir batch). I am waiting if I have to cancel the order or go ahead, I really hope the latter!


OK, I accept that, thanks for clarifying. I was wrong, but maintain that it’s not clear communication.



On the other hand, the full actual email quoted above your post clearly does not offer “Fir”.


Jumping the gun a bit for me but what does it mean “which power supply”? Is this just asking about the different mains plugs in use throughout the world (not to mention different supply voltages and frequencies) or is there additional choice beyond that? Power supply with two leads for the couple that both have a Librem 5? :slight_smile:


There’s a fix for that. One might consider timely communication. Timelines and deadlines help reduce speculation.


Yes, I accept I was mistaken. The wording in the announcment is confusing. I thought there was an discrepency between the email and the announcement, but Caliga kindly explained it to me. Apologies for my misunderstanding.


You were not alone in the misunderstanding, the wording in the announcement is easy to misinterpret but it’s true they say it’s a public announcement of v2. Then they include v2 as a sixth batch leading to the belief it’s an option as well.


Bought/paid for in Jan. 2018 , no email yet.


Above it says that the sort order for sending out the emails is unknown but that it is not by order date.

Did you get the “Librem 5 Shipping Announcement” email on or about September 6?

Anyway as the “Choose your preferred Librem 5 shipping batch” emails still seem to be wending their way around the world I definitely wouldn’t worry for 24 to 48 hours. Check your spam/junk folder too.