Since the last update, I no longer receive text messages

Since the last update, I no longer receive text messages. What should I do to fix this?

Did you check your config did not reset? I had this happened a few times, where I needed to reconfigure the gateway and such

It seems that nothing has changed on this side

Are text messages blocked by an MMS (or SMS that needs to use MMS functionality) that wasn’t able to be processed? There were many early reports of this i.e. from a year or more ago. Unfortunately I don’t recall how to unblock if that is the case.

I had problems with not receiving text messages over a month ago. It got resolved with upgrading the modem firmware. I even got the added bonus of gaining the ability to enable VoLTE!

Contact support and see if that is a possible solution for you.

Edit: Chatty was also crashing everytime the modem was on. So it may or may not be the same issue as yours.

I guess the starting point would be: post the incantation that gets the modem firmware version, and both of you post modem firmware version.

However you would also both need to indicate whether you are using VoLTE - and in turn what country / carrier.