SIP Dialer for Librem 5

Does anyone know if a SIP dialer will be available for the Librem 5? I use JMP, a free software powered VOIP service that replaces the need for a SIM card, much like Librem Dial sounds like it will do. Text messages arrive via XMPP, which I understand I should be able to receive already via Chatty. Does the Calls app handle SIP? Is there another program already available for Linux that should work?

I have previously used Twinkle on my L5 in conjunction with service from FreedomPop. I was able to make calls. Twinkle would need to be updated to draw correctly on the L5, but the basic infrastructure is there.


What about linphone? Do this work both functionally and UI wise?

Hello, I prefer up this old post instead of creating new one.
I saw that progress on SIP integration on L5 has been recently done. Will be it compatible with XMPP-Jingle in the future ? As it’s possible to send/receive XMPP messages on Chatty, it would be logical to be able to send/receive audio/video XMPP-Jingle calls on Calls.

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It doesn’t seem to be in development yet:

I do believe someone has said will work. I’ve used it on my current devices and it’s nice.

I saw this issue just after writing my message, I hope it will be achieved.

Jami is interresting but I’m a little bit afraid by the peer-to-peer system for offline messages. I am setting up my own XMPP server on a Raspberry Pi. It would be great to make calls with my XMPP server and the default Librem 5 applications, in second choice I could use Dino (when it will implement calls, I read somewhere that it fit correctly) or in third choice Conversations installed via Anbox, I’m afraid this one will not correctly integrates in the system.

I think it will happen sooner or later through a development from Purism and or the “community”.
Not sure where the task is in the Purism backlog, but for Chats, XMPP was the second most important development topic after SMS and before Matrix.
So it could happen quickly after SIP.

I hope you are right

I saw yesterday in Dino public room ( that they are testing calls feature, and compatible with Conversations. If Dino fits well on Librem 5 It will be a good alternative before Calls implements the feature.

I have my fingers crossed for this. When I created this thread, I didn’t know anything about XMPP-Jingle, but now that JMP has introduced the ability to place calls over XMPP, I find that to much more reliable than SIP was.

Dino is already what I use on my Librem 13. I would love to be able to use the same app on my Librem 5, once mine eventually arrives someday. Though I hope to see support baked directly into Calls too.

Good news: I can confirm that Dino is fitting well on Librem 5 ! Someone sent this screenshot on Dino Public chat:

So we will be able to use it before implementation on Calls (which would provide better system integration).

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