So whats the deal with the battery?

Is the evergreen forward batch going to have the 3000/3500mAh battery or will it continue to be shipped with the 2000mAh battery ?

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3500 mAh I would think. That’s what the final specs say. It would be a hassle to retrofit a replacement battery for every Evergreen phone and clearly the higher capacity battery is a quick win for time-on-standby.


We have always said that the mass production version will have a 3000mAh+ battery, and Evergreen is the mass production version.


You have always said that it will be 3,500mAh.

Why do you now state 3000mAh+?

When do the 2000mAh folks get their 3500mAh replacement?

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That’s rather simple, I’m an engineer and not a PR person, and didn’t quite remember where to look for the value. Sorry about that.

Rest assured, if the announcement says 3500mAh, then it will be so.

For reasons related to the above, I can’t really say anything about the other question.


I recall seeing somewhere that it was temporary due to a logistics issue but I’m having a hard time finding that at the moment. @Caliga has a timeline post and I suspect it is in one of the earlier Birch threads/announcements. If someone happens to have a better memory than I and can point to the exact item on this, that would be swell.

With that said, these are community forums and anything contributed here by people whom are Purism employees I have always seen as either “moderator actions” extremely rare; or “voluntary contributions” this is to say what the employees share here is their personal input not necessarily official communications from the company. Just something to keep in mind when you’re being critical of an employee for not using the language you prefer (I have seen some other comments from employees say 3000+ so dcz is technically correct, the best kind of correct). For the record 3500 does fall into the range of 3000+ aka 3000 or greater. And to be extra clear, everything I’ve seen outside of the forum has said 3500 so you’re also not wrong.

You’re right that the 2000mah was never officially announced, and there have been some communication missteps; though I think this falls more into the realm of expectations not being properly managed for the 4 testing batches than intentional deception.


@Kyle_Rankin in Breaking Ground – Purism

I’ll draft up a few hypothetical forum post titles

  • “Purism lies about battery capacity, Evergreen now changed from 3500mAh to 3000mAh.”
  • “Power consumption analysis: will 3000mAh last all day?”
  • “2000mAh for Dogwood? Why I’m switching to Evergreen”
  • “Official: Modem fix now dragging on through Chestnut? No calls until 2020?”


  • “The official “supply issues” thread?”

Coronavirus Delay?

I guess it’s a good sign that we don’t have more important issues to discuss right now :slight_smile:


How’s the battery life looking at this point? Probably more important that all the power consumption issues are solved before complaints about the battery size given that consumption rate is arguably more important then raw mAh :smirk:

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right on . Great news . Thanks for the reply sir.

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My question about the coronavirus delays is not a complaint, just honest curiosity. it would be completely inane to hold Purism responsible for any delays accruing from the quarantine.

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And one of the main goals of this project is that the device arrives free of viruses. :slight_smile:


No offense meant, I just found it amusing to see that title, close to that hypothetical one :wink:


This is correct :joy:, my friend.