[Sold] Librem 5 Evergreen EU model

I’m looking to sell this phone that I received in March 2021. It has been sitting on my desk almost unused. Booted a few times and charged once in a while. It is the Evergreen batch and has the EU modem BM818-E1. I’m looking for a price to cover original cost and import taxes, so about 700 €. Shipping will be separate.

I was a long time user of Linux phones like Nokia N900 and various Jolla Sailfish devices. But I’ve become lazy and just can’t take the time with alternative devices right now (I do use Linux on all home computers).

I could also try selling it on Ebay, but if anyone is interested here, please contact me.


Still available.

Closed a deal with this now, so not any more available.

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If possible, in the title change “[For sale]” to “[Sold]”.

I don’t seem to have permissions to edit the post.

Done. ~~~~~~~~