[Sold] Librem 5 for sale (US modem)

Hi all, I’ve decided to sell my L5 for now for financial reasons. It’s in great condition and has a BoxWave matte screen protector meticulously applied. Original packaging included with all the accessories (including unopened earbuds). Shipping from Massachusetts with free shipping.

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Will you sell it for cash now? No auction , etc.

I was hoping to avoid picking a price to be honest - also it seems I can’t change the listing anyway now that somebody has bid on it. Sorry about that!

That’s okay. I just bid on it myself!

When did you receive your L5? How long have you been using it? Were you able to activate a SIM card and send/receive voice, text, and data? What MNO/MVNO did you successfully use?

It was received March 30 (2 months ago), powered on approximately once a day since then. I briefly and successfully tested voice/SMS/data with an existing ting (tmobile) x1 sim card.

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It‘s a pain to see that others sell their L5 (one can also say that they throw away their option of a pure Linux phone), and mine was not shiped because I ordered 6 days to late on October 7 2017 (latest delivery known is an order of October 1)

I’ll probably get a pinephone later, so I’m not really leaving mobile linux. And seeing that so may people are still waiting is part of why I’m selling, in addition to rent being a thing. The good thing is that I can still try out making flutter apps later on the pinephone when I have time.

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Wow, it went for $2,480.00 USD. That seems to prove that people really want the L5 and if Purism could get their hands on components and keep shipping phones, they could sell quite a few even at the higher prices.


I’m not surprised. I’m actually getting tired of waiting for my order and may look at pulling the trigger on the us version even at that price because I need to get off of BE EVIL ™ services and more evil vendors (ZTE) if Purism can guarantee delivery dates.


hmm I would be careful with this logic. Auctions tend to end with a sale at a very high price, but this doesn’t say much about the number of people bidding (it could have been only 2-5 people interested in spending more than, say, $1500). The demand curve still holds that the quantity sold will decrease as price increases; so on a large-scale market where the product is sold for a constant per-unit price, revenue is always a balance between choosing a high price while still maintaining a large number of buyers.


Sure, that’s true. It looks like only two bidders went over $1000. And 3 over $900. I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that a large number of people are willing to pay such a high price. Only that there are some people who really want the L5 and are willing to pay a heavy premium to get it sooner.

It appears the winning user was a troll and deleted their account after winning, so I may end up re-listing it.


That’s unfortunate. I’m sorry that that happened. That also makes my previous argument about people being willing to pay more for the device less likely to be correct.

It’s not a huge deal, I just don’t sell on ebay much so it didn’t occur to me to guard against this. I think I might just put a buy it now price at a higher amount and lower it every day until it sells. That way I won’t have to re-list again if someone tries to buy and not pay.

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The Librem is re-listed - I’ll be knocking off some of the price over the next 4-ish days until it sells. Hopefully that makes it fair for people who were outbid by the troll.



I honestly feel like this listing should be worth less than list price due to the fact that the serial number, if I’m correct, is listed (L520521557). For such a privacy focused community I thought this in itself would devalue the item.

Even if the soft serial is changed the actual hardware could still be inevitably linked back to this sale and Ebay’s records.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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So? 4567890

If someone were to wish to do sensitive things on their Librem 5, then a subpoena on Ebay records would easily identify the user.

What about a subpoena on Librem 5 sales? This all sounds to me a bit like hiding your license plate in photos.