account approval time period?

I want to use this git from david hammer but it needs login data to use it. How long does the account approval take?

You will need to ping someone at purism to approve it once created. suport worked for me.

In the mean time you should be able to clone it via https without credentials

What’s your account name? We need to approve accounts manually due to lots of spam. Apparently the only alternative supported by GitLab would be to use Google’s CAPTCHA…



If you only want to use a git then no credentials should be required. If you want to contribute i.e. make merge requests then, yes, credentials are required.

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@dos can you approve mine too? My username is kma.

me to: ninex

@dos I’ve waited so long for the approval that I can’t remember the username, but my email is Could you approve my account as well?

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I’ll check with our sysadmins

the account is now approved

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Just registered as krisgesling (super exciting username I know :P)

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