Spec is too low!

Please RAM at least 6G, please screen at least 6.3 inches resolution 2k. Battery 4500ma or more. Many people want this feature, but your technical specifications are too low.

Have you read about any of the challenges that purism has faced and continues to face as they bring the Librem 5 to market?

The Librem 5 isn’t just another spybrick developed by a hundred-billion dollar company.


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As it happens, the battery is 4500 mAh.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting “more more more” there are reasons why things are as they are.


What do you need 6GB RAM for?


The Librem 5 is a desktop computer in your pocket. Would you ask the same question from a desktop user? Who on a desktop would even be ok with 6gb?

There is nothing wrong with this initial offering because this is about so much more than just the hardware. In the future I’m sure we’ll see hardware bumps.


The i.MX 8M Quad in Evergreen only supports a maximum of 4GB RAM. The i.MX 8M Plus in Fir will support up to 8GB, but we don’t know how much RAM Purism will decide to include.

For why the L5 has 720x1440 resolution, see: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Frequently-Asked-Questions#29-what-screen-does-the-librem-5-have-and-why-is-it-720p-instead-of-1080p

Also see: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Frequently-Asked-Questions#210-why-doesnt-the-librem-5-have-a-more-powerful-processor


I was just curious. My desktop’s running just fine with 4GB of RAM, so I was wondering what sort of tasks you would even need 6GB for.


Some people are asking for a smaller screen, some for a larger :smiley: tough world

3Gb is pretty enough, I rarely exceed 2.5Gb in regular use of my gnu/Linux computers (unless big games, or video editing)
More RAM means more power consumption, means less battery autonomy, I largely prefer better autonomy vs 3 more useless Gb

Are you planning to put big fat RAM eater Android on it ?


I should note that if you are comfortable with 2-4 gb RAM, that I think that is great. When you start using GUI heavy applications, you’ll find that quickly runs out. On Ubuntu with 9 things open, I’m using just a little over 6gb and no swap. How much is your swap being used on your systems?

Seems odd to me, are you counting the buffer/cache memory used by the system ?
The more RAM you have installed, the more Linux will takes
My applications are actually using 2.1Gb (kubuntu 12Gb) with 2.6Gb in buffer/cache = 4.7 use of physical RAM
On my other computer (kubuntu 16Gb) using actually 2Gb with 5.7Gb in buffer/cache = 7.7Gb use of physical RAM

You can try free -m to see the details, the relevent informations are ‘used’ and ‘available’
‘buffer/cache’ is not, because the system will drop it, if applications need more

Currently I’m only using 1.94G of swap. I do close applications when I’m done with them though.

If you are using swap, especially like that, then it means that during the course of your use, you are exceeding the amount of available ram in the system.

I’ll say it depends of your swappiness configuration
‘cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness’
‘grep vm.swappiness /etc/sysctl.conf’

The higher value means using swap sooner, so you can use only 50% of you RAM, swap could be used if configured to begin swapping at 50%

Ahh yes, you’re right. I think the default is 60, which means when only 40% of RAM is available swap starts getting used. Ideally, you would want to not use swap, unless you have to.

I think you got it backward, the lower value = the later use of swap
I just checked the configuration on the Librem5 VM it’s configured to 60, probably not the best :thinking: I’ll will probably change it to 0 or 5

A friend of mine has 48GB installed. He is creating some nice music and told me he would run out of RAM at 32GB. Sure, you wouldn’t do that on L5, even not with 6GB. But it is a task beside gaming which needs much more RAM. I also need more then 16GB on desktop for some other tasks.

But I also have no experience with L5 yet, so I don’t know if 3GB would be enough for me or not. It is a totally other use case, but 3GB are may enough there (for me).

In a basically unmodified sample Librem 5 config:

With default web browser running with 5 open tabs, Geary running, SSH server running and sshd in … used is 1224 and available is 1406.

OS with no applications running takes about 500.

There’s no swap.

For never having to bother closing your applications. Including IDEs. Including the 6 Firefox profiles, each assigned to a different activity (banking from the same profile that I use to play random games? Yuk.) and having around 300 open tabs in total.

              total        used
Mem:           11Gi       5.4Gi
Swap:          39Gi        22Gi
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Omg :scream: I’m dying inside horrified and impressed at the same time
But hey ! That’s why gnu/Linux computers are great : adapting to each and every one ways of use (not the other way around :wink: )

Librem 5v2 : 32 Gb of RAM ? :smiley: