Squeekboard user survey 2020-01

Hi all,

I wanted to inform myself of things that the keyboard should be and do, to help prioritizing work. There goes my question:

Squeekboard users, what do you need next?

It would be useful to add some details, to help me understand your situation:

  • do you use it on the L5, in qemu, or otherwise?
  • what are you using it for the most?
  • why do you need the thing you said?
  • did you try contributing?

Of course, PureOS is free from any analytics and telemetry, meaning that there’s no database to look at, and surveys like this one need to be done the old fashioned, honest way :slight_smile:


I am using it on a Librem 5 VM in QEMU (just for testing purposes).
I am using it with a mouse so I can’t say anything about the touch accuracy or touch related features.

My most desired feature would be to add a row of numbers on the top of the keyboard. The keyboard I’m using on my Samsung Note 5 has this and anytime I use a mobile keyboard where I have to toggle over to get access to 0-9 it’s frustrating.
Even if this was implemented as an option rather than always on, I’d be pretty happy.

This is purely a convenience thing. The L5 screen is big enough that one more row of keys is worth it to me.

I have not tried contributing yet. I am not much of a C or Rust programmer so while I can look at and understand most of the source code, actually contributing to it seems like a bit much for me (although I am considering getting in to Rust a bit more)…

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I am using it on a Librem 5 VM in QEMU (just for testing purposes).
I am using it with a mouse so I can’t say anything about the touch accuracy or touch related features.
I did the Italian keyboard (but for now I don’t have much time :disappointed_relieved:) and I’m not a programmer.
i use it for all.
I’m waiting for my Librem5 dogwood.
best regards

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I’d like to throw out some feedback about feedback requests.

It is my experience, and others I’ve talked to, that while asking for feedback is good; making changes from feedback can cause problems.

Hear me out. It has been out experience that if users are content-happy with where things are they would rather keep using than provide feedback that says “it’s fine don’t touch it”, yet when very little feedback is given by a handful of people and changes are made that much larger group may now go up in arms with something like “I liked it the way it was why did it change”.

For me there are two primary pieces at play. People whom are happy with how things are would benefit themselves responding to surveys saying exactly that. And the people/companies performing surveys should consider how many responses they got and whether it represents their userbase, or just a few outlier’s.

I’m not trying to say this is the case here, but rather shed some light on a potential challenge with this method in general and maybe even get a few more people to contribute even if it’s just to say “this has everything I need laid out in a way that is comfortable for me” because that is, in general, good feedback.

With all of that said, I don’t use this currently and I apologise if this was unwanted here, it sparked my memory and seemed the most appropriate time and place at the current moment.

Yeah, I’m aware of the forum bias. But I’m also aware I’m biased, and other team members that raise issues to me are biased. That’s why I want to increase my sources, which will hopefully get me closer to the average user.

If someone believes the keyboard doesn’t need any changes any more, then please flatter me and answer the survey. It would be the first time someone thinks my software is perfect :3


Hello there,

  • On Librem5 Chestut phone

  • Have the possibility to use ctrl-… characters would be nice.
    Maybe have the option to ctrl-… when long pressing on a letter would offer regular options + ctrl-[letter]

    Example when using screen
    Or tcpdump when you are not using -c to stop after a specific capture.

    A keyboard with no ctrl-… in linux is an issue imo.

  • Make / easier to find because it’s used alot in terminal. typing cd /var/log is not fun.

  • Have arrows or ctrl-r, for whe you do a typo in shell, and need to re-run last few commands. This one would be lower priority in my opinion, you could also use history and replay !xxx

I did not try contributing at all, i’m not a dev, I have not even looked at the code.


You’re one apt-get upgrade away from some good stuff!


I’m with @purismforum. Terminal input needs improved the most. Perhaps a terminal layout that can be added?
1: chestnut
2: Texting/Terminal
3: tab, ctrl, arrow, esc keys are missing.
4: It/I’m too rusty.

@dcz what changes have been made?


Im on staging repo :wink: I got sticky key fix in and very happy about it.

Within limits you can cover that with configuration options, so people who dislike a change can turn it off.

1: chestnut
2: Texting/Terminal

  • terminal layout size could be bigger in landscape mode
  • tab, arrow, esc keys would be nice
  • Personally I quite like Fingerterm terminal layout and functionality in Jolla Sailfish OS https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/fingerterm - maybe borrow some ideas from that one?
  • Also I like Jolla Sailfish OS way to split keyboard in texting/writing landscape mode - how about others?
  1. I have not yet contributed

If you have the terminal layout but not tab, esc, and arrow, then please file this as a bug in https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/squeekboard/issues/

I’m not using it yet, other than to try to test its usability, because my Librem 5 has not arrived yet, but more relevently, because it lacks a full keyboard layout. I very much hope that there is a full layout like in Hacker’s Keyboard available when my Librem 5 arrives, as I rely on this to type comfortably when I don’t have the time, energy, and/or space to plug in my HHKB.


Another VERY useful feature: Long holding to use special characters, like the en dash (–) and ĉ:


I’d like small hdog (haptic motor) feedback to be considered #166 #24 . I’d like word/spelling options presented in a helpful manner #54 #99. I’d like special characters accessible #93, I’d like emoji quantity to increase to near full support (so I don’t have to answer the question of “where is the _____ emoji” with the sarcastic “do people use emojis?”) #95. I am shockingly happy with the terminal options, the only area is key modifiers (esc + .) type stuff #170.

  • Birch, Chestnut
  • Matrix (Librem One), SMS (Texting), XMPP (Librem One), Browsing (URLs), and various keyboard pop-up needs throughout (Settings, Contacts, etc).
  • Convenience, compatibility, and productivity.
  • I file tickets :slight_smile: and I test :slight_smile: I haven’t pulled source to contribute code (for this sub-project).



And please make it possible to disable it too ;-). I dislike it when my phone moves whenever I type.


I agree, I would probably disable it too :slight_smile: but with the ability to fine-tune it I may find the right setting.


Does Ctrl+Shift+u hex… work? Will it work? Is the query about keying or availability of the underlying characters?


I would like to be able to use the long press in keys

Yes, qemu, awaiting for my Evergreen device.

Testing purposes, I will use it for almost everything I use in my Android phone, e-mail, chatting, browsing…

To use special characters that will reduce the time to type in my language.

I’m not programmer but I’ve been helping with the Spanish layout and some other ones.

Thanks to ask to the community.

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  • QEMU.
  • Swiping.
  • Convenience (it’s the only big thing I’ll miss from my Android keyboard).
  • I’m not a programmer, but I’m willing to translate the keyboard and probably the whole OS when I get the phone.