Squeekboard user survey 2020-01

Something to start with: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/squeekboard/blob/master/doc/tutorial.md and https://developer.puri.sm/Librem5/Development_Environment/Boards/emulators.html

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:slight_smile: did i just read the word “emoji” wrapped in quotes ?

couldn’t resist > https://lbry.tv/@Luke:7/minimalist-software-prevents-this:4

there’s a non-snoople link for every p2p in all of us … #lukememe

look for the download button … it’s small :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi all,

your requests have resulted in the release of 1.9.0.

Stuff that got changed because you mentioned:

  • easier to find “/”
  • more emoji

Things that are started but not there yet:

  • ctrl/alt on the terminal layout
  • bigger terminal layout
  • text prediction

Thank you all for reporting, and I will start another survey once everyone’s familiar with the new updates.


Nice job thanks!

Out of curiosity, does text prediction change with the terminal layout?

For example text prediction prioritising words in chat but commands in terminal?

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I’m designing text prediction as a plugin system. I’ll take your suggestion as a consideration for the interface.


… at least in the long run (I‘m also no programmer)

  • Text prediction and dictionaries also checking other selected languages
  • simple possibility to switch languages

What do you mean?

You can click on the globe button.

Like if I type “senor” it would guess “senior” and “señor” if I had Spanish language installed.

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My mother-tongue is German but I (have to) use a lot of English words/expressions. So it would be good to have checked both dictionaries with priority on German when the German keyboard is selected.
This is for sure a ‘nice to have’.