Status of Suspend for Librem 5

There’s a button in Mobile Settings.

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Thanks, But this is to far away from normal handling. What about a 2 sec press on Power button, or two presses within a second?

Take screenshot, open, print to file/save as .pdf, use computer to open in pdf-editable application, copy string.

You could set it up as a .desktop Shortcut

purism@pureos:~$ diff ./bm818-tool /usr/bin/bm818-tool
<             print("+BMSWVER: ", version)
purism@pureos:~$ ./bm818-tool
trying port /dev/ttyUSB2
trying port /dev/ttyUSB3
found port /dev/ttyUSB3
+BMSWVER:  M100E_YCSN0_1.0.0_220926

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For the record, the first and second part of the firmware version string needs to have the timestamp of at least 2022-09-26. If it’s older than that, waking the system up on modem events may be unreliable.


Why not put a Suspend button in the pull-down settings menu?


So, is it absolutely necessary to update the firmware to get wake up from suspend working properly?

And will the firmware be updated automatically somewhere along the line, or will that always be something everyone has to do on his own?

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Yesterday I’ve updated the firmware.
Today I noticed there are some left overs from the update:
“Icon Browser” and “Flash BM818”.
Do I need to keep them or is it safe to uninstall them (and how to uninstall them without breaking anything)?

Isn’t Icon Browser just an app that comes in a package called Gnome Goodies? (I have it.)

To be honest, I don’t know. I can’ t remember installing it (Is my memory playing tricks with me?).
I just noticed the app after flashing the modem.

After the modem firmware update, it seems my modem is crashing more frequently than before. I have yet to see a pattern in this behaviour, but may be related to the 5 min automatic suspend I am running now.

What does this mean, how you know that it has crashed?

Cellular indicators are gone and Calls have no contact with modem. It usually comes back after flipping HW kill switch or by running this command to reset it:

echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/wwan_en/brightness; sleep 5; echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/wwan_en/brightness

It is not happening all the time, but I have noticed that after idling for a while those indicators are sometimes gone. Has happened maybe 5 times a day since firmware upgrade.

What I don’t understand, is why my phone - which was delivered in February of this year - still has firmware from 2021, instead of the 2022 version which appears to be required for suspend to work as it should. I would expect it to be ‘standard procedure’ to update all firmware to the latest edition.


A consequence of the fact that the modem is a modular component? That is, the firmware we are talking about here is not on the phone itself, it’s on the modem. And, yes, it doesn’t work the same with the WiFi card, which is likewise modular i.e. there is an inconsistency of behaviour between the two M.2 cards.

I really would like that as well. I would like to see it detailing more information about the firmware, including which versions work, and which ones not, and why, and the update process as well (maybe this could be done in a separate blog post).

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Maybe the right time for more information is when the changes that @dos mentioned have been rolled out:

My modem firmware is older than 2022-09-26, but as I’m not using my Librem5 as a daily driver yet I’ll wait for the relevant software updates and see how the phone behaves. I’ll look into updating the modem firmware after that. (I understand why other people want to move more quickly, though :wink: )


I think it installed as part of Librem 5-goodies, which apparently has been split into separately installable apps now.

Mine is the 20190510 version. (Although the current SIM in my L5 isn’t VoLTE-capable anyway, so no matter yet.)


Another nice effect of the working suspend is that my L5 in my backpack is now cold. Very nice.