Status of Suspend for Librem 5

Would you have a clear visibility (roadmap) on this subject please?

This is not a troll, but honestly, knowing that the Librem 5 is sold to companies, how can we convince them to buy a phone that can’t come out of standby?

Thanks for your feedback.


What do you mean by “appsuspend” ?
How do you enable this ?

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I tried today if the Librem 5 would wake up from suspend by an incoming phone call. It did not, and after manual waking, the phone soon had no cellular access any more at all. I use the Librem 5 as my daily phone, so I cannot use suspend (yet).


It is temperamental. I have had it work for me, but only on a specific network and in a specific location. Like the MNT Reform which uses the same SoC, suspend works but can be buggy. Sometimes it will freeze or crash when resuming, and the Librem 5 with the cellular modem as an additional component that needs to be added back when resuming the issue is even more complicated.

I use suspend almost exclusively on mine, but I am not worried about getting phone calls on it. For me, I am using the cellular modem as a data connection only.

That said, I do hope that we make continual progress on the stability of suspend on the Librem 5.


It is also my experience, unfortunately. But I understand that suspend is an experimental feature, so we can just keep waiting for an update, I guess it is not something trivial to fix!

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I did a little test between the Librem 5 suspend and PinePhone Pro Suspend (using Manjaro).

I fully charged the Librem 5, unplugged it around 6 PM and left it overnight with suspend enabled. When I tried reviving it in the morning (around 9 am) it was dead.

I fully charged the PinePhone Pro (which was much faster than the Librem 5), unplugged it around 11 am and left it. I checked it again the next day around 11 am (24 yours later) and it still had 61% left.

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Would be interesting to know how long PinePhone Pro with PureOS would survive without plugging. This way we can better compare what’s software related and what’s hardware related. But I guess, it’s too much work for you, isn’t it?

But if someone else uses PureOS on Pinephone Pro per default, please post your results here.

Would be interesting to know when it died i.e. was suspend actually working at all?

I had suspend turned on with a 2 minute timeout, that’s all I can tell you.

PureOs does not have a forum at the pinephone forums site (about a dozen OS do have a forum there).

Megi removed it from his multi distro SD card image in November 2020, allegedly because of lack of maintenance.

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That doesn’t sound normal. 12-15h of battery life is what I get with no suspend enabled at all.

PureOS has never supported any other phone than Librem 5 so far.

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Is this using stock settings, or do you have a bunch of things tweaked on your phone? Because using standby and only having the phone out of stand by and in use for maybe 20 minutes used in conjunction with a mini X laptop dock, I am barely seeing 11 hours. (6am to 5pm) I think without standby and just on, I would be seeing around 5 hours.


I am more inclined to say that 12-15h of battery life doesn’t sound normal. I have two Librem 5’s and have never been close to a stamina like that on any of them. The best I get (no suspend) is when I am on my home WiFi all day (BT off but cellular on), but not even then I would get more than maybe 8 hours of use. If I leave the house for more than a few hours I always carry a power bank or a spare battery with me.

@dos Please share your settings and conditions when you get 12-15h of battery life on the L5.


It was just me writing faster that I could think, sorry. 12-15h of idle time without suspend is what I see with the modem turned off :laughing:

I have left the phone mostly suspended with all hks on today and extrapolating from battery usage (it’s at 20% right now) looks like my ~2yo battery lasts about 16h in suspend, so I guess the person I replied to may have picked their phone up soon after it shut down.

So to rehabilitate myself after carelessly posting bad data, let me make it up with some actual science :wink:

The “experiment” has just ended and this is what I got:

I unplugged the phone at 100% right before I went to sleep, then used it for about 40 minutes shortly after I woke up, then left it suspended until it reached 2%, which is the point where the software makes it shut down. Other than that woke it up total three times just to check the battery level (autosuspend was set at 2 minutes).

In total, 100% to 2% took 14h and 10 minutes. Judging from this chart, without those 40 minutes of active usage it would reach about 2.5h more.

That’s with modem and WiFi (SparkLAN card) kill switches both in on position and modem connected to cellular network. FWIW I caught the Redpine WiFi card eating some 100mW during suspend despite of it doing nothing, so with those cards you may want to use the kill switch liberally (I still hope to get that improved with kernel driver updates).


which sparc lan are you using?
If the consumption is lower, it could be really interesting to exchange.
I have found the part here:

I wasn’t aware that the quiescent current from wifi is so high.
Have always preferred W-Lan over mobile network.

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It’s AP6275S. It’s not binary, both cards have different power characteristics in various situations.


Is it possible to just buy a card like that and replace the Redpine one that was shipped with the phone?

Maybe not recommended though for ordinary user like me…

@dos I am not sure if my phone actually autosuspends at 2%. And by autosuspend, do you mean actually shutdown, or just go into suspend mode. I thought the L5 autoshutsdown, at a minimum battery threshold so that it protects the battery, ie not let it get all the way to 0?

Anyhow, I have set my autosuspend settings in gnome, but the L5 doesn’t seem to follow it. Is there anyway to test these settings without having to sit and wait for the battery to get to that point?

I said that autosuspend was set at 2 minutes of inactivity, so when I woke the phone up to check battery level it suspended back after 2 minutes.

upower shuts the system down at 2% and the battery gauge driver makes it wake the system up from suspend once battery reaches that level, so upower can do its thing.

“2 minutes” has no relation to “2%” whatsoever, other than sharing the number 2.

Works for me. Set it to 1 minute, lock the screen and see whether pings stop arriving?

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