Status of VOWiFi or VOIP on Librem 5?

Hi. What is the status of VOWiFi? I got my Librem 5 and it works fine when I have a signal. I live in a wooded valley, though and, at home, it’s hard to get a signal. Wifi calling works on my old Android phone. Can this be done on the Librem 5?

Linphone (VOIP) also isn’t working for me, either using the Calls app (following some directions I found on forums) or using the actual Linphone app on the Librem 5.


VoWiFi is not integrated yet, as far as I know. You can add a VOIP/SIP account directly in the Calls app and Chatty (SMS client).

There is also I can vouch for the messaging function, but have not tried it for actual phone calls on the L5. (But it all works great on my degoogled Android.) I think others here might be using it for calls on the L5.

EDIT: And in fact, one of JMP’s staff/devs is a forum member here: @ossguy

I have tried making a VOIP call from the Calls app (using my Linphone account), but it doesn’t work for me. Can you call a phone number, or do you need to call another VOIP account?

Any number. Note that I, myself, haven’t set this up on my L5, but the settings are there.

Everything looks like it’s set up correctly, but it’s not working for me.

You could email and verify the technicalities.

EDIT: I just set up a SIP account on the L5. After required reboot, I’m able to successfully register to my VOIP provider, and I can select the SIP number as the calling number on the L5. Calls go through to the destination number.

I tried to call the SIP number from another phone and, after ringing my home phone (as it should), it doesn’t go to the L5…but this may have to do with my home VOIP account settings for simultaneous ringing of extensions or voicemail timeout settings. I’ll investigate further.

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OK, I figured out my home account settings.

So… calling the SIP number on my L5 from my Android phone…
I had the screen active (app grid screen).
Home account transferred the incoming call to the SIP extension on cue.
Incoming SIP call did not ring on the L5; I have “Automatically Connect” enabled in the SIP settings.
There was no notification on the L5 of incoming call.
I spoke anyway, as if the call had connected.
That generated a voice mail on my home account, which captured my voice, even though there was no indication on the L5 that it was answering.*
The L5’s app grid froze and did not respond to touch.
I brought it back by pressing the power button to turn off the screen, then logged back in and all was normal.
The phone dialer is being temperamental… Sometimes it has a drop-down box for selecting whether to use SIP or the cellular modem for making a call; sometimes the drop-down disappears, even though the SIP account is enabled. That makes it impossible to manually select the SIP account to make the call. [EDIT: It appears you just have to wait a few seconds for it to reappear.]

Obviously buggy right now. But it works… sometimes!

*Security issue!


For everyone’s interest, here’s the drop-down for selecting the mobile number or the SIP number for making a call:


This will depend on country and carrier (and within carrier whether you are with the MNO or with a MVNO on the same network). Since it works on your old Android phone, it should be a future possibility, providing the two phones are with the same MVNO.

I haven’t seen any chatter about VoWiFi but I guess it will get there eventually.

In parallel with VoWiFi is sending texts via the internet (SMSoWiFi :slight_smile:), which is also useful if your mobile signal at home is crap.

Has there been any progress considering VoWiFi? Asking for a friend with bad mobile reception…

No, and you shouldn’t expect it anytime soon either.

As this peak my curiosity too, in the (long) mean time, here are some links to pass the time:

Has this project actually proceeded?

I didn’t dig deeper.

It seems that it hasn’t (from their forum).

Not a solution, but a workaround: I can verify that Google Voice does work with the Librem 5 (via a browser). Someone has posted an AppImage executable on GitHub, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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I was using a webapp wrapper around with chromium


I installed mumble in my server, will try it soon with the phone app.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

Maybe you saw this already, but works pretty well through the Calls app and/or the Dino app. The number is not free, however. I believe I pay about $10.00 a month for two lines?

I call my family often with it. You can use it in a browser as well. I have a webapp set up through the website, I believe but I never use that webapp. As long as the Calls app registers my SIP account, I can get calls to ring through, as well.

Another cool thing about the number is that I can use it on any device - laptop, tablet, etc. My son uses his on his an Android device running Lineage. He does not have a sim card and therefore can only text and call via wifi. Works great.