Support team non-responsive

I ordered a librem 5 on May 9th.

There is no way to gain details for tracking.

Ive contacted customer support on May 23 and June 7th, ( asking how I can track my order. No response to either email I sent, not even auto responder or acknowledgement.

Im starting to wonder if this company Purism is still operating or if maybe its some kind of scam. I soon will contact my credit card vendor and report the transaction for a refund.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? Is this company still operating? If so how do I contact them? Or should I just process a refund through my credit card company.



Thanks for support Purism.

Purism has been restructuring for several months now, which means there are not enough staff available to meet demand.
Purism Labs it is small with a very small team to assemble the librem 5 components, this make slow L5 ready to ship.

Still alive.

Purism is not Scam.

Lets @JCS address your case first.

Nothing wrong, It’s just a restructuring thanks to evil open source.


Yep. Contact @JCS. He has been very helpful. I have almost universally good experiences with Purism.


I waited several years for my Librem 5. I eventually got it. I don’t trust that Purism tells the truth often. But you will probably get your Librem 5… eventually. If your credit card company will give you a refund and if you want a refund, then do that. But don’t ask Purism for a refund. From past posts here on this forum, it looks to me like when you ask Pyrism for a refund, your order along with any resulting complaints by you are likely to be routed to /dev/null .


Purism is not a scam. They are simply delayed.

I ordered a Librem 5 in the year 2019 after I had an unusual lot to drink. I didnt read the fine print that it was a PREORDER and so the device didn’t arrive until Spring 2023. This is because Librem 5 was being designed during this time, and slowed down by chip shortage and pandemic.

But when my Librem 5 did arrive, I enjoyed it, so I ordered Liberty Phone in maybe August 2023. It arrived in maybe October 2023 or so but I asked to slow it down by 2 weeks when I was on a vacation.

So when folks tell you it took them literal years to get a Librem 5, they are telling the truth, but that is because Librem 5 was in the process of being invented. Now, today, it is invented and does not take years.

When you ordered on May 9, your order was added to some internal Purism processing that is hard to follow. When you email asking them for shipping tracking information, they will have none, because they did not ship it yet. After their humans in person get that Librem 5 in a box and ready to go, you get an email that says, “Your order is ready to ship!” with some tracking number. Then it takes about 1 week depending on your physical location, and then the device arrives.

The mystery months, where it takes 1-3 months between when you buy and when you get that email, are the Purism time that people complain about. I am just a customer like you - no affiliation with Purism - but my guess is that the orders are processed by humans. So the humans operate in a kind of human timeline, instead of like the efficient clockwork of machines big companies lead us to expect these days.

Compared to iPhones and Androids, Purism is quite a small company making an extraordinarily different style of device. Their finances are different and smaller in scale. According to leaks and rumors, for years while Librem 5 was developed a huge bunch of people bought the preorder like me and sometimes didn’t read that it was a preorder. Then, again according to leaks and rumors, Purism spent the money they got from preorders entirely on R&D for building this unique device. It’s literally like a third way of constructing a phone software, totally unique, and more like a hand computer. Tbh as a user I love it, but I reckon world order governments don’t.

Then according to these leaks and rumors, after the money was spent, social media did it darned’est to convince users who preordered that they should all refund because Librem 5 was taking too long to make. So Purism was suddenly hit with this kind financial “attack,” expected to refund hundreds of dollars they already used for R&D. And, again accordingly to leaks and rumors, these people believed in freedom software and the mission of trying to make freeing hardware like this more than in the finances needing to be some profitable thing, so they took out some painful loans from loan sharks or something I don’t know, and skirted by trying to refund only what they were legally obligated to so that they wouldnt sink the ship and would make the kind of freedomware handsets they sought to make – for those users who still wanted them – instead of saying, “oops, we’re not a bank, the users decided to destroy us!” and filing bankruptcy or whatever.

And that’s the story I heard after I received my Librem 5, so I bought many thousands of dollars of other Purism stuff like Liberty Phone since then in the hopes it offsets or helps out people in pain hoping for refunds or whatever is happening to those forums users who always sound so upset.

These things I ordered are real, and they arrived, and I happen to like them. Support sometimes takes up to a week to respond at their busiest but they always get back to me. There is a real device called Librem 5 and you can get one if you wait it out until the humans do their human thing and send it to you. I know, because I’m writing this message by using one.

But estimates for exactly how long it takes the humans to do their human thing seem to always be incorrect, and the time is variable. If you ask for a refund in a panic, well honestly I’ve never tried that but there have been several forum users who complained that their panic increased and increased until they end up just selling the device when it arrives or selling their order to someone else before it ships, because they become so frustrated by the idea of the humans doing “their human thing.” As someone who never tried it, I wouldn’t advise panicking like that, but we are all free to make our own choices.

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Then they really need to change the “lead time” for the Librem 5 to something significantly longer than “10 business days”.


I ordered a L5 on May 11 which was shipped as expected.

I have checked my mails:

  • placed order: May 11
  • ready for shipping: May 13
  • DHL custom fee in Germany: May 15

I think Purism recognises that using email for support is troublesome. There certainly have been cases where email responses are sent by Purism but blocked as spam by the recipient.

In terms of logistics (delivery and tracking), it obviously matters what country you are located in.

Anyway @JCS can investigate on your behalf.

Many of us can tell you that it’s not a scam. I have a Librem 5, for example. However patience will be a virtue.


IT support tracking software is expensive and most are, (you guessed it) Windows-based. I don’t know if the FOSS philosphy extends to corporate practices. I suppose there is a linux based solution out there, even if they have to pay for a license (i.e. non-free).

If support ever got one of these tools, at least you’d get an automated email reply saying it was duly logged and you’d have a support “ticket” to hang your hat onto.


JCS lists here: Lost touch with Purism staff - #7 by JCS some of the products that Purism is looking at.

Not necessarily. Not when email being blocked as spam etc. is the problem. There is no strict need to have email involved at all. It can all be web-based. However it is convenient to have email notifications when something changes with the status of the ticket, so that the customer does not have to poll the web site.


Yes I stand corrected, I should have said “at least you’re supposed to get an automated reply” . It is an old support trope: “Email is down”. So what do you do? “Send an email to Support.” That’s why Support is “supposed to be” backed up with a telephone number.



The Puri image is not a good one. Yes. One may find many fan reviews most reviews that I’ve read echos many of the complaints in this forum about waiting too long for their phone, or warranty refund.

Lead time and the continuing reason given the phone doesn’t work, or hasn’t shipped yet - yet - yet is one reason people don’t flock to the L5.

Just putting up pages of how great the L5 is, does not make it so.

Puri desperately needs to stop using the forum as a moat around the real support castle so when things don’t work via the forum, a person from support@ takes control of the issue and works directly with the customer. i.e. be professional.

For the price, the L5 should never need a 10 day, 10 month or years of lead time. Shipping within 5 business days should be plenty of time to get it out. IMO, it appears to me that the shipping operates like a pyramid program. Get paid - order the parts - put it together - prepare for shipping.

I’ll admit it. I was my own worse shopper when I read the ads and bought into the queue.

I agree w/ @tracy because there is nothing worse than sending a support request and wondering days later if they received it, and if they did, is the wait time as long as the generic lead time! Maybe the customer query went to Byte Heaven or File 13.

When people search for a new phone, the wait, the image, poor direct support, and downtime for them /w a phone doesn’t encourage them them to buy.

I really hope Puri gets past the staff debacle and can really, as the ads infer, continue to support the L5 Byzantium and can afford having a tech look at the hardware issues.
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