System halting irregularly?

Got an issue with my Librem 13 v 4. Now three times today it has suddenly halted. I’m using the latest PureOS release, btw.
First time it halted right after I click the Super key and typed in Writer - to use LibreOffice writer.
Second time, right after I merely clicked the Super key.
Third time. I wasn’t doing anything really, I was in a terminal and it just halted.
Not sure what other info to provide. Looking through syslog I don’t see anything obvious…

dmesg might have something for you.

Alas, I looked there too. But I’m just not sure what to look for. There was nothing obvious.
I also used the GUI logs app to examine the logs. Again, nothing obvious. To me, that is.

After it shuts itself off, turn it on and look for where the dmesg timestamps start over. Maybe you already did, but that would be the place in dmesg to look. I don’t know if journalctl would have anything for you, may not be relevant.

Can the Librem 13 run solely off mains i.e. with the battery removed? If so, you could at least remove the battery in order to eliminate that as a possible cause.

Also, there’s “halt” and then there’s “halt”. What does “halt” mean?

  • Spontaneously reboots?
  • Spontaneously shuts down?
  • Freezes so the cursor won’t move and the screen no longer updates? Is the screen blank? corrupted? normal but frozen?

If frozen, it may help to see whether it is responsive on the network i.e. if you ping it from another computer.

Has this problem only just started happening? or has been happening for a while but increasing in frequency? Or?

If the problem is happening frequently, can you spare the time to do a live boot and leave it live booted to see whether the halt will happen then?

So by halt, I mean the that the screen freezes. Mouse stops working is the first sign. Now, if music is playing (streaming) then it still continues for a short time and then stops.
This just started happening yesterday. When I get back to work today we’ll see if it keeps happening. After the 3rd time I chose to boot into the previous kernel and see if that performs any better.

Ok, so when I got to work the computer was still working. While I was looking through logs in terminal, the streaming music stopped. I was like, OK I’m about to freeze. But so long as I stayed in terminal it kept working. As soon as I click on the browser to see why the music had stopped (maybe there was some other reason?) it froze. So I popped over to another computer, found yes I can not only ping the computer, but also ssh in. Looking at processes, everything looked fine. In the end I issued a killall -u [username]. It took a while, but eventually the login screen came on and now I’m back in. Now I’m returning to the logs, but I don’t see any consistent issue prior to each freeze.

Is there always a browser open when it freezes?

That’s a lot better than it could be! Sounds like a software (graphical user interface) issue but beyond my knowledge to diagnose further.

I would still recommend trying a live boot if you have the time - but choosing a previous kernel is also worthwhile troubleshooting.

So you are using a web browser to play music? (I do that a fair bit, without problems, but completely different software environment.) If the web browser is a piece of the puzzle, which web browser and can you try a different web browser to see whether it makes a difference?

Yeah, so Firefox ESR is always open and and I am streaming KEXP over it. I only have maybe 10 tabs open. Well, after this morning’s freeze, it hasn’t done it again, but then I haven’t really been using the computer. We’ll see.

I had this, too, running on Byzantium:

I never really could track it down, I suspect it had to do something with Firefox ESR, but am not sure. In any case, it went away, I didn’t experience the problem in the last weeks.

OK, now it is back. Among other package, I updated

gir1.2-webkit2-4.0:amd64 2.38.2-1~deb11u1 2.38.3-1~deb11u1
gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-4.0:amd64 2.38.2-1~deb11u1 2.38.3-1~deb11u1
libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37:amd64 2.38.2-1~deb11u1 2.38.3-1~deb11u1
libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18:amd64 2.38.2-1~deb11u1 2.38.3-1~deb11u1

Maybe there is a connection between these packages being upgraded and the spontaneous halting of the computer (Librem15rev3, Byzantium).