Terminal to clipboard

Hello there,

anyone got any luck sending some selection from terminal to clipboard?

Say I want to copy/paste some output of the terminal app to another application example a browser.

Selecting things in the terminal and getting the copy to clipboard option is not showing up or I dont know how to make it happen.

I also used the normal X way of just seleting things and assuming it would be sent to xclip but no luck there also.

for me :
inside a normal Gnome-Terminal in Debian 10 :

  1. write anything on the command line then :

  2. CTRL + SHIFT + C = copy / yank (in vim/emacs lingo)

  3. CTRL + SHIFT + V = paste / put (in vim/emacs lingo)

or just :

  1. make your selection

then :

  1. RIGHT CLICK the selection (mouse or another pointing device required)

  2. copy


  4. paste

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The thing is that with Librem5 in the terminal you can’t ctrl- anything as far as I know, and I did not found what is the right clitck.

Long pressing after selecting text just de-select the text. Long pressing anywhere gives you the option of select all ( which is not what you want) and paste (which is also not what you want).

And doing the select like in X does not put anything in the paperclip ( paste not available anywhere else after doing the selection ).

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oh yeah … it’s just now that i’ve looked closer and seen that you’ve posted under “Phones (Librem 5)” > converging on convergeance anyone ? :sweat_smile:


hehe yes that is beautiful :slight_smile:

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You have to install wl-clipboard from bullseye repository:

I tested it in Qemu with:
echo “123xcv” | wl-copy

The version in the normal pureos repository doesn’t work for me.
But I haven’t tried the version 2.0.0 from here yet:

Does it also work on your Librem5?


Yes version 2.0.0 works from https://packages.debian.org/en/bullseye/arm64/wl-clipboard/download

And also from http://repo.pureos.net/pureos/pool/main/w/wl-clipboard/wl-clipboard_2.0.0-1_arm64.deb

Thanks :wink:

That is the issue now the pass simple ui works with wl-clipboard and wl-clipboard-x11


Another method, that worked for me was:

Click on the globe-key and choose the “terminal” mode of the keyboard (which is standard in the terminal app, but also useful to switch to the extended keyboard or to have Cut-Paste functionality in other apps) …

… there we have ctl and up-down keys available and the “>_” key right side of the space-barr, which we click next …

so see the function keys, too …

… and by clicking “Menu” key, we get the copy / paste / select Menu.
I did not install anything for to get that functionality (Librem 5 Evergreen Oktober 2021)

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You can use ctrl+c and ctrl+v. You can also just long press for a context menu.

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Works with other apps as well.

And the extended keyboard also shows the “Tab” key, which I find very useful within the terminal.

I tried that, but did not work.

Sorry, it’s ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shif+v for the terminal.

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Didn’t work for me either.

Long pressing (not on the keyboard) brings up the context menu without having to switch between three different layouts.

It brings up the “paste / select all” menu. Then you choose “select all” …
and now?
Ctrl C / V does not work (for me). Hence - how to copy it. Clicking again helps nothing and the clipboard shows empty.

If you don’t need it of have an easier way, just don’t use it. :woman_shrugging:

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I see what you’re saying. Not very convenient to have to jump through those hoops in order to copy from the terminal.

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