The Atlantic Journalist (Barton Gellman) Always Watching His Back After Interviewing Snowden


This is a chilling tale of how this journalist that interviewed Edward Snowden started being surveilled after the interview.

It’s stories like these that reinforce the thought that we could offend influential entities and endanger ourselves, regardless of whether or not we view what we share as offensive.


Wonder what would happen if he tried Purism’s anti interdiction service?


I’m not sure what else he expected when received a “trove of documents” from Snowden. As far as I’m concerned, he’s lucky to be only surveilled.


What do you mean by this? The journo could not be prosecuted under US law.

Or do you mean death by suspicious accident?


The latter, I suppose. My point was that, considering all the negative attention (to put it mildly) that Snowden got for that very same information, I think the journalist is fortunate to only be being surveilled and not having his place broken into all the time, or snatched into a van and having a black bag put over his face as he’s driven to some warehouse.

And, to be objective, the issue isn’t that he interviewed Snowden and probably isn’t as big an issue that he reported what he reported. It’s that he is in possession of a bunch of sensitive information. I, personally, wouldn’t have accepted that “trove of documents” for this very reason. In this day and age, once someone has information, they have it forever (presumably, and there’s no way to prove otherwise), and thus there’s really not a whole lot this journalist can do to make the US gov’t not care anymore.


Precisely. You want to be Mister big pants, get the scoop, and stick it to the man, then you better be prepared to do the dance.

On top of that, the type of person who does this type of thing, likes the attention. Like being able to write articles like this one.

I mean how naive do you need to be, if you don’t think the information you were given was going to lead to a normal and boring life?

If he was really worried, and wanted it to stop, why not go to the authorities and give them what you have?

He didn’t steel it. He isn’t capable of using it for anything else, other than additional articles etc.

We all know why, no attention that way. No articles.

My response to all of this:

Cry me a river.