The graphical battery icon does not match the remaining power

At the moment the icon in the top bar looks like 2/3 remaining. The real value is 31%. Would be better to show the numeric percentage.


You can enable showing the percentage in settings.


That battery icon jumping every 30% is in my “minor bothering things” list
I saw there are an icon for each 10% available in the /usr/shar/icons/adwaita
I always wonder why the 10 icons available are not all used, it could have been a much more smoother indicator
The numeric pourcentage is a very good add, but only for byzantium at the moment :wink:


Is there a way to show this percentage also in the lock screen? Thanks.


Wow. TY. This is one of the minor paper cuts but it bothers me way more then it should. Having a percentage indicator on will be so much nicer.

Follow up: I was thinking maybe this would be a neat contribution to phosh. Looking through it it seems to mostly just pass the icon through from the upower device. So looking into upower I guess the bits we would want changed are here:

battery-full-symbolic until we are under 60% seems like a big gap. Not sure they’d be open to changes. They have their own standard defined here?
It doesn’t mention levels though. :S
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I think the rationale is that you can’t tell the difference between less than 30% on that small icon. But there is something wrong with a 35% battery charge showing 60% full. I think 100 -> 75 -> 50 -> 25 would be better.

Would rather just see the percentage and forget about icons.

The iPhone changes the colour of the icon e.g. red for under 20%.


There should be color changing icons next to the battery percentage.

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For me such color changing icon has less importance. What matters is that one has to unlock the device before getting to know the percentage. This should be shown on the lock screen.


So a color changing icon next to a an omnipresent battery percentage. Everyone’s happy.

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Your exemple is a bit confusing …
60% - 35% = 25% is something wrong
50% - 25% = 25% is not
But I get you point, going from a 30% step to a 25% step is still better

I woud still prefer the 10% step, when you take a look at the available icons, even at the true size, you can see the difference beteween 40% and 30 %
10battery-level-10-symbolic.symbolic 20battery-level-20-symbolic.symbolic 30battery-level-30-symbolic.symbolic 40battery-level-40-symbolic.symbolic 50battery-level-50-symbolic.symbolic 60battery-level-60-symbolic.symbolic 70battery-level-70-symbolic.symbolic 80battery-level-80-symbolic.symbolic 90 & 100battery-level-90-symbolic.symbolic

Actually, you have some kind of color change but only at 10%, when the orange exclamation mark is added (here green)


I think you misread. The code snippet above says “if less than 30%… else if less than 60%…” So the icon won’t change from “good” until the battery hits 30%. Thus, when the battery is at 35%, the icon will be the same as if it were at 60%.

Yah, it’s a pretty wild gap, and 25% intervals would at least be better. I agree with @fralb5 though, we already have icons for 10% and I like them. Maybe some find it more difficult to tell the difference between say 20 and 30 percent, but it’s more information then we have now and would show battery much more accurately. I’ve never developed GTK stuff though. I can see those icons in the adwaita theme, but are we not using them because other themes might not have them?

I find it confusing that 100% does not fill the whole battery, including the bump on top.


well, that the icons available in the adwaita theme, but with gimp, one could easily fill that confusing hole and replace the icon :smiley:

Well not really. I just don’t need a granular icon. For me the icon would then be taking up screen real estate that I could be using for some other status information.

Maybe the following.

You choose between an icon and a percentage.

If you chose an icon then you get the icons as shown above. (So best case you get roughly 10% granularity. Maybe someone wants to fix that so that you get exact 10% granularity.)

If you chose a percentage then you get the real value (rounded to nearest whole percentage value).

In either case, colour is used to highlight a value below a user-defined threshold. (I would choose 20%.) Technically, accessibility guidelines say that the specific colour should be a user choice, to cater for those with selective colour blindness.

In either case, the display of this information occurs both on the lock screen and on the top line when unlocked.

Then maybe everybody’s happy?

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Maybe. Can I have both?

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Well OK replace “You choose between an icon and a percentage” with “You choose an icon, or a percentage or both”.

Then maybe everybody’s happy? :wink:

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In before someone wants “none of these” :upside_down_face:

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