The Journey to Shipping the Librem 5 – Purism

thanks Todd
thanks to your dream and your commitment (and that of the whole purism team)
I will live my little dream

Also linked here: Librem 5 Mass Production Started Shipping


Chapeau! Not directly knowing what happened behind the scene, but having a good idea of software-development with all it’s bright parts and dark holes, i’d like to congratulate all the “Purisms” for their persevearance, the energy invested, the mountains climbed so far. You all are doing a great, great job. And although not many will realize - at least by far not enough as the whole idea deserves, you’ve started walking together in a direction that - step by step - points towards the good, the positive, the say-yes-to-life. You’re doing something FOR the people while at the same time taking on a sustainable journey with a solid base.

Summit climbed! Goal reached. Now take a minute - enjoy the amazing view…

Thank you for having kept climbing.

@todd-weaver @Kyle_Rankin


i was going to type something related to Ibex goats but it’s already been brought up ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: